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    My dearest followers! Today I am checking in from the largest Island of Hawaii also called The Big Island. Fergus and I got here two days ago, but the day we arrived we were too tired to go out and explore this beautiful volcano filled landscape. Therefore, yesterday was a full on exploration day, and the same for today before we are off to spend one week in San Francisco on the 28th. San Francisco is going to be our last stop on our journey before I fly home to my family in Denmark for a couple of weeks. I have dreamed of going to San Fran for years and years, and Fergus haven’t been there before either, so it’s going to be an exciting trip for both of us.

    We have looked up lots of places to go, and I have of course already found the many different coffee shops and vintage stores we must visit while we are there. We also found out that there is a cute flower market on (those of you that have been following me for a while know that I every Sunday in London used to spend it at Columbia Road Flower Market). I am also delighted to find out that we will be there during Pride AND 4th of July celebrations! haha. San Francisco is going to be crazy during these dates.

    Pride Weekend kicks off in San Francisco on Saturday, June 29 and continues all weekend with tons of events. I am over the moon that we are going to see it, but it also means that everywhere is going to be packed with people. BUT I know it will be a once in a lifetime experience getting to be there during that important celebration.

    “You glow differently when you are actually happy!”

    A lot has happened at home in Denmark since I was last there, and I am actually really longing to come home now. That doesn’t meant that I am not loving being here in Hawaii with Fergus (Because I am LOVING IT!) but coming home for a while will do me and my family good. I have missed out on my twin brother and my dad’s birthdays and one of my best friends weddinsg, which broke my heart – but soon I will be with them.

    I have an unbelievable amount to share with you all. Lots of travel tips, outfit posts and personal blogposts about bigger decisions Fergus and I have made during our trip. It truly has been a once in a lifetime journey for us, and helped answer the nagging questions about what’s next, so we can both be really excited for our next chapter. One of the bigger life changes will be buying our own place in London in the next few months. YES you read right.. MUCH more about that in the longer personal posts coming up soon

    Other than the life decisions, being here in Hawaii has been so good for Fergus and I on other fronts. We have been able to think creatively, work on our upcoming jewellery line, address more personal topics on my day to day content, whilst thinking about our future together.

    In other lovely news, my best friend Betina from home gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week named Viggo. She has sent me the cutest photo’s of him, and now I am even more excited to come home to give her a massive hug and meet her adorable little boy. She is the first one of my very close friends to have a baby, so it’s extremely exciting times for her. I know she is the most wonderful mother you could ever ask for, and I feel so very lucky being able to call her my close friend <3 Only 14 days till I am there hugging her and able to tell her how proud I am of her.

    For our Hawaii adventure, Fergus and I spent 3 weeks on the North Shore of Oahu and we enjoyed the most wonderfully fun time. The beaches are no doubt the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. Dark blue, turquoise water is so clean that you can see your feet even when far out in the deep. It has been such a positive experience getting to feel the chilled aloha vibes and after just a few days you understand why everything here on Hawaii runs on a slower speed than at home. There is only one answer: It’s simply too hot! The humidity, high temperatures and the heavy sun does make you wayyyy more tired, so you don’t have the same energy levels as you are used to, which was hard for Fergus and I to accept in the beginning. Haha! Every night we felt so exhausted and due to the time difference (11 hours!) it has been hard to keep track of work and get back to emails as quick as we used to etc. Slowly we learned to adjust into the Hawaiian way of living, and to stop letting it stress us out. The trick seems to be to wake up super early before it gets too hot, then get at least 3-4 hours of intense work out of the way, before it is time to cool down in the ocean and gather some renewed energy for the rest of the day..

    What’s coming up: I am currently working on a longer blogpost for you guys tipping you about all my favourites places on the North Shore of Oahu. After spending 3 weeks there, I must admit that we know pretty much all the best spots. I also asked you guys on my Instagram story last week, what you guys would like to see more of from me, and lots of you asked me to share a blogpost about what I eat during a day whilst traveling – so that’s another post I have coming up for you.

    I feel like everything is going really well at the moment. It certainly is a more relaxed, happy and balanced Isabella checking in today than a few of weeks ago where I felt so unbelievably lost in my own thoughts.

    Now I feel on top of work, my relationship couldn’t be better,  we have so many things to look forward to, AND we have two more exciting weeks left exploring new parts of the Big Island of Hawaii and San Francisco. 

    “Today I want you to think about all that you are, instead of all that you aren’t!”

    Life is great – especially at the moment. Life will always be a rollercoaster taking you up and down on crazy rides. Sometimes you need to go through some tough patches in order to find yourself and your next direction. Don’t punish yourself if you get lost – I did, but it doesn’t help to be frustrated and mad at yourself because of it. It only makes you feel more drained, confused and sad. Time solves it all! Give yourself time and space to think, just be you, try to be happy and don’t let it overshadow your happiness.. (At times that can be easier said than done, trust me – I know!)

    Lots of love from your happy little Danish girl
    Isabella xx

    25th juni 2019



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    Please lav en guide til Hawaii ? vi skal afsted på ferie, men jeg synes, det er så svært at vælge mellem øerne. Og så så det ud som om, I havde det dejligt ?

    El post es genial
    Besos y te esperamos