Danish summer in knee high boots and loose white dress

LOCATION: Sønderborg



I feel like when you grow older you value family time and the traditions you grew up with more and more. I’ve always been very close with my family, and love to spend time with my parents and two brothers. That’s always going to be hard for me, to live far away from.

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Live your life and don’t compare yourself with what you see on social media

LOCATION: The impact of social media

Remember to be real


One thing I would also like to discuss with you in this post is the negative impact social media can have on our daily lives and overall joy, and I feel like that goes hand in hand with time. The time we “waste” on checking social media and forget to be present.

White obsession for summer

LOCATION: Summer cravings

white feels


Hi my wonderful followers! I am so in love with white and soft cream colors this summer. It looks great with a tanned skin and have a classic and elegant look. I have a couple of big events this month, and I feel like white is a great go-to color. It doesn’t get any more summery than that. It’s also graduation time soon, where in Denmark white is a must wear color, so I though I wanted to share a few white favorites with you guys.

Wild at heart Topshop summer look

LOCATION: Notting Hill



I’m back in London after a few wonderful days in Italy. My amazing man went with me there, which made the trip 1000 times better. I feel so lucky and so blessed that we get to share experiences like these together. Every day we spend together and every trip we go on, we get closer and close and it’s a fantastic feeling.

The shirt made of dreams

LOCATION: Notting Hill



There’s nothing I love more than spring. The colors, the temperature, the weather change and the fact that you can spend most of the day outside without freezing to death. I can also feel a drastic change on peoples mood (inclusive my own!) It’s like you finally escape from your little winter depression