Tattoo’s I like

tattoo inspo

We have just arrived here in Sicily and gosh I have been looking forward to be here. Even though it’s a work trip and I only get to be here until Thursday, I am still planning to make the most out of my stay. You need to remember to live in the moment and I will rather have one more “ups” than a “what if”.

My perfect summer shoes


My summer wardrobe is almost ready. This year it have been really hard for me to find the right items, but the summer is not officially here yet. I will for sure do some more vintage finds there can help twist up my wardrobe with som edgy, fun and unique items.

My beautiful Asus computer


I’ve got a new computer from ASUS, and I have been so looking forward to share it with you guys! There is seriously nothing better than a new computer, and especially not when it’s as gorgeous as this one. The color is just wow! Such a mind-blowing beautiful design, which I always care about. I am super excited to test it out. I will bring it with me to Sicily here on Tuesday.

Na-kd look and gift for you


I have an exciting trip coming up to Sicily here in a couple of days, and I promise to give you some more information about the trip before we go. For a couple of weeks I’ve daily searched on diverse websites for cool outfits I have to bring for the trip.