get yourself a pineapple bra


I have blogged about this gorgeous pineapple bra earlier, but I feel like it deserves it’s very own post in “action”. It’s so extremely cute and fits amazing! Super perfect here for summer

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we must love ourself

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We should not be afraid to take new steps if we stand somewhere we do not want. I am so proud that I was strong enough to take my step and move away from my busy London everyday life, to get out of a lifestyle and habit that was unhealthy for me. We must dare to take a chance and run and keep in mind that as long as we are good to ourselves, telling ourselves we are unique, we can go far beyond what we thought possible.

New statement shoes


Dagens post handler om statement “pow-wow” shoes. These babes are from Public Desire, og kan virkelig “løfte” et basic outfit. De har lidt edge og så elsker jeg højden på dem. Specielt de blomstrede boots kunne se seje ud sammen med et par rå læder sho…

Let’s go to Paris


I am been looking so much forward to this day! My close friend Lenita from London which I used to study Fashion Styling with is an amazing photographer. She finished uni last summer and have since then lived full time of photography. She is extremely talented!

Why I love Poland

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Poland has suddenly become incredibly important to me after I have fallen in love with Simon. Many people always ask me both here and on my Instagram why I love Poland so much and why we are there so often. My boyfriend Simon is from Poland and before we met each other I have not yet been to Poland.