We have moved out of London

LOCATION: Chamonix


A lot have happened since my last post. I have been on one of the most dreamy trips of my life to Japan, and my man and I have officially moved out of our apartment in London. Yay, it happened and I can not describe with word how happy I am and how much lighter I feel. In this post I give you a little update on everything I have been up to and the exciting things to come.

My magical day in winter wonderland with my partner in crime



My dear followers! We are back in Chamonix and gosh I am happy to be here. We’ve had a mix of weather which I actually doesn’t mind. I love both sun and snow, so for me it only adds to the whole experience. Because of the weather we have had time to explore the cosy town. Fergus and I have invested in a new drone so we have tried flying with it a couple of times, and we loved it.

Only a few days left living in London

LOCATION: Tower Bridge


Happy Monday, my wonderful followers. A little personal post from me today. My feelings are a bit all over the place at the moment. It is starting to hit me that my London chapter is coming to an end. I have some mixed feelings about it, to be honest. I have loved more than anything else living in London and I am overly happy and grateful that I took the big leap last year to move back again.

Teddy coat and matching fluffy winter boots



There’s only 5 days left till I am flying to Chamonix with my man to see my lovely parents. I hate being away from them, and all week I’ve been without my boyfriend – so you can maybe tell how thrilled I am to be back with them all in just a few days!

Lots of love for my favourite café in Fulham

LOCATION: Fulham & Parsons Green


It’s been quite a while since I last tipped you angels about my favourite spots in London. Megan’s café is without doubt one of my all time favorite spots, and my all time go-to café. It’s located just round the corner from my place, which makes it hard for me not to visit daily for my flat-white coffee dose.