Why I keep dreaming about California & where to stay in Palm Springs

LOCATION: Palm Springs



I have traveled a lot the passed year, and it happens that I can sit in an airport and almost forget where I came from and where I am going. I love to travel and I think I’ll never get enough of it – not even when I’ll one day be pregnant or have my own loving family.

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All about fringes & statement glasses

LOCATION: Notting Hill



It’s a happy Isabella that checks into the blog today. I enjoy being back in London although it’s strange getting used to being alone in the apartment. I already miss my parents, but I feel so privileged that I’ve had a whole week with them. Yesterday and this morning I have sorted out lots of practical things, which always makes me feel like I have more control over my life.

My little get-away to Chamonix

LOCATION: Chamonix



Hi my dearest followers! I’ve just got back from a few lovely days in Chamonix, France. If you’ve kept updated with my Instagram (Isabellath), then you’ve by a few images and instagram stories, got a sneak peak into my dreamy holiday. I traveled to Chamonix to spend a few cosy days with my parents and after 3 days alone with them my boyfriend came to visit us from Wednesday to Sunday

Victoria Secret lace bra & girly skirt

LOCATION: Notting Hill



The bralette is also perfect for styling underneath transparent summer tops, since the color will shine through. I have styled it with an ultra girly skirt with flower details, which makes my bralette look extra cute. If I style it with a white shirt and some Levi’s jeans it’s going to get a completely different look.

My beautiful weekend in Scotland

LOCATION: Coldingham Bay



Happy Monday my lovely followers! I hope you’ve had a sunny few days. I sure have – it’s been such a dreamy weekend. My amazing man invited me and 12 of his close friend up for a fun weekend in his parents beautiful house in Scotland.

Breakfast at Rose Bakery in Paris


Marais Nord, 3ème, Marais - 30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris


When I was in Paris filming with work we went to some of the best restaurants round Paris. Because Alice lives in Paris and knew all the good places, she knew exactly where to take us! It means so much to have an insider to give you their best tips, be…