Round glasses and beret

LOCATION: Sønderborg



I am back in Denmark again, and I’ve spend a lot of quality time with my family. It’s fantastic! I have 3 or more up and coming trips the next 1 1/2 months, so I have to keep up with everything full speed, but I love that. I have a lot of posts to share with you guys from my London trip, so the blog will not be standing still the next many, many days.

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Cosy autumn look




I am completely in love with my black glitter flares from Brownie Spain. They fit like a dream, are really comfortable to wear and then I am crazy about the glittery shine they have. They add a cool detail to a look, but still in a discreet way. They are not too much in any way.

Back in London


Covent Garden


Good morning my sweet followers! A little hi from dreamy London. I am sorry I haven’t posted a new post for a few days, but I’ve been feeling very tired, lack of motivation and then I had a massive cold on top of that, which drained me for energy. BUT I am back on my feet now, and it feels great! Yay

How to bring Autumn into your home tips

LOCATION: Home Sweet Home



I am tipping you guys about how you with a few simple and easy steps can bring autumn/fall into your home. It’s really easy and fast to do, it’s only a few changes you need to make or add to get the cosy vibe.

The chloé bag of my dreams

LOCATION: Chloé store



BUT this post is going to be about my new dreamy Chloé bag! When I was in London and I just got out of the most positive meeting, I decided I was allowed to spoil myself. On the buss on my way to the meeting we passed by the Chloé store, and I immediately spotted this beauty displayed in the window.

Breakfast at Rose Bakery in Paris


Marais Nord, 3ème, Marais - 30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris


When I was in Paris filming with work we went to some of the best restaurants round Paris. Because Alice lives in Paris and knew all the good places, she knew exactly where to take us! It means so much to have an insider to give you their best tips, be…