My crazy december



Hi again my wonderful followers! A lot have happened over the last couple of weeks and gosh I have been looking forward to share everything with you. To be honest, my life the last six months has been quite stressful and full of traveling and therefore I’ve needed to have a little break from social media

Welcome to my dream chalet



I love to travel, and you guys know how very special my skii trips are for me. I love traveling to the cold and being close to the nature. When I am close to the nature it’s like I am free and the happiest version on myself. High up in the mountains, away from the noise from the big city, a stressful everyday life running round from meeting to meeting.

How I would love to start every day


French Alpes

It is not every day you get to wake up in beautiful surroundings like these. Every time I travel, I always do everything I can to get as much out of my trip as possible. Now that I’m working on social media a trip like this is a 100% work trip which means I work on shooting, writing etc. from early morning to late night. T

We’ve arrived in Méribel



My dear followers! Yay – it’s finally time to share my beautiful Méribel journey with you. The internet wasn’t strong enough to upload my pictures while I was there unfortunately. I have therefore been desperate to get all of them uploaded now I’m finally back in cold and rainy England so I can share my Christmas blog posts with you.

Things to do round South Kensington this Christmas


South Kensington

Good afternoon angels! Gosh it’s scare how fast the time goes by. This weekend – I mean.. Where did it go? The whole last week have passed with a single blink. Today it’s already Tuesday which means that in a couple of hours I’ll be sat on a plane on my way to France with Amber.