Items I’m going to bring to India


De af jer der følger mig på Instagram samt min my-story, I ved også at jeg så småt er ved at planlægge hvad jeg skal have med til Indien. Min rejse kommer tættere og tættere på, og kan stadig slet ikke forstå, at det er nu på fredag jeg tager afsted. H…

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When he makes me breakfast


As you guys know my man is a chef! I know – I am one lucky girl. I love to cook myself, but if often ends up that I’ve been working too many intensive hours and then I realize I’m dying for food, and then almost can’t concentrate to cook a propper meal for myself.

Valentines day ideas when single or without your man


Valentines Day is just round the corner, so I thought I wanted to dedicate in collaboration with CLUSE Watches this blogpost to some ideas on what to do if you are single or spending the day without your man! There is always a bit of a pressure from social media to make this day so very special. For me it’s of course nice to have these days, there is dedicated to love but on the other hand I prefer not to feel pressured to come up with surprises etc. I love when my man and I are spontaneous together and light candles and drink wine together during the week – that means way more to me than going all in on one day.

Shoes for him and her


I’m so lucky that I can offer you my sweet readers in cooperation with Melvin & Hamilton 10% of all items. They have so many cool products on sale right now with 60% and then you can even take 10% of on top of that with the code: VALENTINE17xISABELLA

I am going to India


I have some super amazing news today, which you can probably tell you from the headline. My mum and I are going to India together for two weeks. I can not describe how much I am looking forward to travel again. Actually, it’s a long time since I’ve been so excited to go somewhere, because I’ve never been to India. Having to see a new country and experience a new culture is extremely exciting!