The denim dress over all denim dresses

LOCATION: Shoreditch


Happy Friday my sweet followers! Today’s outfit is actually my look from last Saturday and a look I’ve worn over and over again after that. My denim dress is from H&M and words can not describe how much I love it!

That dreamy spot on earth called the Cotswolds

LOCATION: The Cotswolds

England Countryside

Good evening my lovely followers! I can not wait to write this post, so I can share it with you angels. You know how much I love being close to the nature and I must say that for the last 2 days I have been as close to the nature as possible in these magical surroundings. I have been fortunate enough to be invited to The Cotswolds with

Windy day in Hyde Park


Hyde Park

Happy Sunday my wonderful followers! I am officially back in London, and I have to admit I’m back with a bit of mixed emotions. I miss my family more than good is, but when I remind myself that I will see my parents in Chamonix in beginning of December it makes me feel a bit better

Where my heart is

LOCATION: Home Sweet Home


The title of today’s blog post says it all. “Home is where my heart is!” I had such a need to be home, and now that I’m heading back to London I can feel how much I will miss being in Denmark, close to my family.

Back to dungarees and cosy jumpers

LOCATION: home sweet home


When I am back in Denmark with my family it’s like I somehow can relax and calm down in a way I can’t do any other place than here. I am already flying back to London tomorrow, but I luckily feel like I am ready to come back to my busy everyday-life.