My Las Vegas trip with norwegian

LOCATION: My fun and adventurous Las Vegas trip

In collaboration with Las Vegas and Norwegian


I can’t put words on just how excing my Las Vegas trip was. I have so many blogposts coming up from Vegas this week. Yaaay!! I have been super excited to share them all with you guys, since I’ve experiensed so much in just a few days there. I am also currently editing a video from there, which I will try and post tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Christmas brunch in Fulham with my girl

LOCATION: Hally's café

60 New King's Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4LS


I’ve had so much to do the last couple of days while I’ve been i London. I’ve found the dream apartment, had a lot of exciting meetings, I’ve visited my agency, planned my moving and finally got to see a few of my friends. One day took the other one, and suddenly it was already time to fly back to Denmark.

I found my dream apartment in London

LOCATION: I am moving



Good morning my dearest followers! From my previous posts you know that I will be traveling to London today. I seriously have THE best news for you guys. I’ve found my dream apartment here. Yaaaaaaay!!! The last couple of days I’ve been walking round smiling non stop. It’s almost unreal, and I even get to move together with my lovely friend and back to the city I love the most.

Neal’s Yard in seven dials London

LOCATION: Neals Yard



Last time I was in London i met up with my sweet girl Amber Rose. We had such a great time walking round 7 Dials, here is a lot of shops, restaurants and cosy spots like these. I remember my first week in London after I’ve moved there. I went by my self to discover Neals Yard, and I remember how I straight away fell in love with this area.

the perfect retro gola trainers


The perfect trainers


My beloved retro GOLA trainers are new and no doubt my favourite trainers of all times! It’s almost impossible to put words on just how comfortable they are to wear. They are really light, and I love when you almost can’t feel you are wearing your trainers. Especially because I travel a lot, these are going to be perfect for that.