Look for dungarees

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I have actually bought my dungarees in the Asos men’s department. When I worked as a stylist for them I figures out that it was almost no difference buying from the men’s section. I just order the smallest sizes, and then it fits perfectly! There was no of the dungarees for the woman that had the right color that I had in my mind.

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Dungarees & nike leather Cortez

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My angels, I have been SO excited to share my new super awesome Nike leather trainers with you. The model is called Nike Cortez (Find them HERE) and is in my opinion one of their masterpieces! When I think of a retro and hip old-school Nike model I think of the Cortez in white with blue and red details!

Back at it


Today I’ve moved my work spot to my mans restaurant/bar Lazy Dog, with my lovely Asus computer. Kacper – Simons little brother makes sure I have something good to drink and I try to finally get some work done. When you work at home it’s not always super easy to concentrate in home. There will always be some dirty dishes or some tidying up to do.

Our little vintage car


My sweet friend Louise and I have been driving round with Pumpkin the last few days. It’s so fun to drive this car, as you feel like you go extremely fast, even when you only drive 40km an hour, haha! I love the small size and the very eye-catching orange color. It’s not often you meet a car like this, so it makes most people smile. Pumpkin also loves to drive around in it, and almost already after her first ride she know that it was our car.

The perfect summer top


I have got hit by a stupid summer cold! It really sucks, because it makes me tired, heavy headed and I can’t concentrate about anything. Right now I have so much to do. Every day I have helped my man with his restaurant, so it’s bad timing to be sick! Unfortunately I think the cold hit me quite easily because I have been tired and stressed out.