5 reasons why I love Monday’s

LOCATION: Think positive

New week, new goals


Monday for me always means that you get a fresh start. Mondays are you chance to start again. Clean your slate, and think forward. “New Monday, New week, New goals”. It’s like every Monday we are given a new chance to improve ourselves.

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White summer favourites

LOCATION: love all the whites

summer vibes


Hi my lovely followers! Today I want to tip you guys about some of my summer favorites. This season I am crazy with everything linen, white, natural colored, gold jewelry (especially statement necklaces and big earrings – still love to stack lots of jeweler’s at the same time).

A day trip to Marrakech desert




There’s always going to be some trips you’ll think back on and smile and remember a bit more than others. That’s exactly how I feel when I think back on my latest Marrakech trip. I was there for 4 dreamy day with a sandal brand called Aloha Sandals.

Danish summer in knee high boots and loose white dress

LOCATION: Sønderborg



I feel like when you grow older you value family time and the traditions you grew up with more and more. I’ve always been very close with my family, and love to spend time with my parents and two brothers. That’s always going to be hard for me, to live far away from.

Live your life and don’t compare yourself with what you see on social media

LOCATION: The impact of social media

Remember to be real


One thing I would also like to discuss with you in this post is the negative impact social media can have on our daily lives and overall joy, and I feel like that goes hand in hand with time. The time we “waste” on checking social media and forget to be present.