pimp your bedroom

LOCATION: Interior crush



I love to decorate my home, buy new plants, make it cosy with blankets, candles, pillows, change the pictures on the walls etc. It’s especially at this time of year I make sure to do an effort to make it even more lovely at home, because at autumn/winter you spend more time indoor, and now when I have a bigger place I just love to change it up.

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Round glasses and beret

LOCATION: Sønderborg



I am back in Denmark again, and I’ve spend a lot of quality time with my family. It’s fantastic! I have 3 or more up and coming trips the next 1 1/2 months, so I have to keep up with everything full speed, but I love that. I have a lot of posts to share with you guys from my London trip, so the blog will not be standing still the next many, many days.

Cosy autumn look




I am completely in love with my black glitter flares from Brownie Spain. They fit like a dream, are really comfortable to wear and then I am crazy about the glittery shine they have. They add a cool detail to a look, but still in a discreet way. They are not too much in any way.

Back in London


Covent Garden


Good morning my sweet followers! A little hi from dreamy London. I am sorry I haven’t posted a new post for a few days, but I’ve been feeling very tired, lack of motivation and then I had a massive cold on top of that, which drained me for energy. BUT I am back on my feet now, and it feels great! Yay

How to bring Autumn into your home tips

LOCATION: Home Sweet Home



I am tipping you guys about how you with a few simple and easy steps can bring autumn/fall into your home. It’s really easy and fast to do, it’s only a few changes you need to make or add to get the cosy vibe.