I’ve got hair extensions


Glædelig søndag min skønne læsere! <3 Jeg luftede for jer i mit seneste indlæg, at jeg har købt mig nogle flotte lange hår extensions, OG don’t worry, det er ikke noget der er limet på (yes, det har jeg prøvet før, og jeg gør det ALDRIG! Som i virke…

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Friday is jumpsuit day


Tomorrow Saturday evening my family is coming here for coctails and drinks. It’s my boyfriends birthday Sunday, he is turning 29, so this is how we are going to celebrate it. He is thinking to drive to Poland Sunday-Tuesday to buy stuff for our secret project!

New items for my spring wardrobe


I actually tend to always save my clothes. I never really throw it out or sells it (which I probably get better at), some of the items I have in my wardrobe I even had before I moved to London. I mean ?! But every time I need to sort out and select which items are staying or going then I suddenly come up with 10 new reasons why they should be in my wardrobe.

Let’s run away


Monday.. Here you are again, and I feel like I am even more behind than ever, even though this weekend haven’t even started yet? I was actually supposed to have the whole weekend as a working weekend. Well I did, but it wasn’t the worked I wanted to do that I got time for. Now I am sitting here and trying to get organized, but unfortunately that is not my strong side.