My holiday with Royal Caribbean


Lenita and I had the best holiday with Royal Caribbean! Both of us haven’t tried to travel like that before, so it was extremely fascinating, exciting and a fun experience. One thing I especially though was cool was that every morning you wake up in a new country or new exciting city. We started the trip in Lisbon, where we had a whole day to see and explore the city.

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When luck is on your site


Yesterday was a super big day for my boyfriend and I! Our restaurant Lazy Dog officially opened the doors for the first time. We did not have the weather on our side, but it should obviously be a good sign and bring good luck, so let’s hope that’s true

how to kickstart your week


7. Keep your work area cozy and organized. My beautiful ASUS computer is found charged and is so well done. Some work best when there is “organized” mess, haha! I work best when I have a little fruit bowl, nuts or coffee by my side. It keeps me going, and I like to clean it before I start my day, and I typical have some candles or fresh flowers on my desk.

I’ve got a new tattoo


As the title reveal, I’ve got a new super small and cute tattoo. I have actually mentioned it in a couple of posts, but this is the first time I share pictures of it with you

so grateful


Happy weekend my sweet followers! Wow, you guys have really overwhelmed me with love. Your feedback on our big project with opening Lazy Dog Restaurant & bar made us super happy