revealing the secret project

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I have just been extremely busy with our super big project. Now we have finally reached the goal and it feels like an unreal dream. My man and I have been working our **** off from early morning to late night every day for the last 3 months to reach this point. We have opened our own restaurant!!!! It’s HUGE news, and I feel so happy that I finally get to sit and write this post

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My Sicily trip


My short Sicily trip was so good for me in so many ways. I was there as you know with amazing Cluse Watches which I am an ambassador for. They asked me, if I would like to model for them in this new summer kampagn. I LOVE Cluse and everything they stand for, so I was super happy to go with them on this fun adventure.

Our home in ALT INTERIOR magazine

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Today I have amazing news to share with you guys. My man and I’s home is in this month Alt Interior magazine, which is one of our favorite magazines. We have been so excited to see the result and to share it with you guys.

How to tackle feeling lonely


Loneliness is a terrible feeling, and something I’ve always feared would hit me. I never thought I should experience and go through it, but that’s something we do not choose. It could hit all of us

Dreamy brunch at buddha bar hotel

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My trip to Paris was so amazing. Before I went there I was really longing to see and spend some time with my friends. I felt a bit lonely and felt like I had to see my friends. Missed the big city vibe and having fun with the girls. I think it’s a quite normal feeling to have when you move from a big city like London to a small city.