Neal’s Yard in seven dials London

LOCATION: Neals Yard



Last time I was in London i met up with my sweet girl Amber Rose. We had such a great time walking round 7 Dials, here is a lot of shops, restaurants and cosy spots like these. I remember my first week in London after I’ve moved there. I went by my self to discover Neals Yard, and I remember how I straight away fell in love with this area.

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the perfect retro gola trainers


The perfect trainers


My beloved retro GOLA trainers are new and no doubt my favourite trainers of all times! It’s almost impossible to put words on just how comfortable they are to wear. They are really light, and I love when you almost can’t feel you are wearing your trainers. Especially because I travel a lot, these are going to be perfect for that.

Hollywood hills hike

LOCATION: Hollywood Hills



Our Hollywood Hills hike is without doubt the highlight of our California trip. As you can see on the pictures we were extremely lucky with the weather! Sunny and no clouds – oh yes.. That meant we had the best view possible watching over downtown Las Vegas. What a view!

Zara dress at Arnold Square London

LOCATION: Shoreditch



‘ve received tons of questions on my social media about where my dress is from. It’s damn cute and quite girly! Perfect here for winter with stockings and a pair of boots. It’s from Zara and same is my new super high boots. I thought they would look super cute together. The shoes edge up the dress a little and make it a bit less little school girl, ish. Haha!

Paper and cup café in Shoreditch

LOCATION: Paper & cup

London, Shoreditch


Those of you who have followed me and my blog for the last few years know that I have tipped you about this dreamy Shoreditch café before. It’s called Paper & Cup and is located on a lovely side street, where you also can find Laila’s café & shop which is also one of my faves! (I’ve blogged about that place earlier as well). Every time I am in London I go here, because I love everything this area have to offer.