Pop boutique vintage shop london


Covent Garden


I passed by this lovely vintage shop last time I was in London, it’s called Pop Boutique Vintage Clothing. I found it my last day in London when I was walking round Coven Garden with a massive hangover. I went out the night before with my best friend Louise and her boyfriend, and it turned into a crazy night with tons of coctails.

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Ed’s diner london

LOCATION: Ed's diner

Covent Garden, London


Last time I was in London my sweet friend Amber and I visited Ed’s diner. It was the most cool and original place! Here you find hotdogs, milkshakes, burgeres and fries etc. on the menu. I passed by this place quite a few ties, but it wasn’t before last time I actually had time to go. All the neon signs outside the building immediately catches your attention!

Next destination – England

LOCATION: On the go again

Next up Durham


Like you read in yesterdays blogpost. Today I’m flying to England. I have been looking SO much forward to this trip. I am over the moon. Going to be a dream come true to explore more of the country I love to much! I don’t know exactly where this trip is going to bring me, but I know that my first stop is in Durham.

Back home for one day

LOCATION: Home, home, home



Today I have yet another crazy day ahead of me! I need to unpack, wash my clothes, see my family and then I need to pack again, because tomorrow I’m going to England for 4 days. I am so damn excited, and cant explain you how much I’ve been looking forward to it! I am flying to Durham tomorrow morning, and then I’m actually going to quite a few places.

Flying premium with Norwegian

LOCATION: California here I come

Long Beach


Hi my lovely followers! Here’s a little update from California – yaaaaay! Gosh, I almost can’t belive that I am actually here. It’s like a dream come true. The trip here went so smooth. I’m almost surprised how easy it was. I am here in collaboration with Fly Norwegian and Visit California. Feel so blessed and lucky that they’ve picked me to come on this adventurious, once in a lifetime experience. I feel like this trip is just what I needed after these though weeks.