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    Lifestyle × 10th October 2018 Where my heart is The title of today's blog post says it all. "Home is where my heart is!" I had such a need to be home, and now that I'm heading back to London I can feel how much I will miss being in Denmark, close to my family. READ MORE Today × 8th October 2018 Back to dungarees and cosy jumpers When I am back in Denmark with my family it's like I somehow can relax and calm down in a way I can't do any other place than here. I am already flying back to London tomorrow, but I luckily feel like I am ready to come back to my busy everyday-life. READ MORE Lifestyle × 5th October 2018 My first day back at home My first two days in Sønderborg have been truly amazing! I have finally been able to organize my work, which was so needed. My conscience is now clean, when I know it's been taken care of and I have everything under control. I have been walking by the water, spend quality time with my parents and seen my brothers. READ MORE Lifestyle × 1st October 2018 My short weekend in Copenhagen Now I'm sat in the airplane from Copenhagen to Sønderborg. I arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday around 4 o'clock. My girlfriend and her boyfriend live round Nørrebro, so here we spent the rest of the day around their neighborhood. READ MORE Style × 29th September 2018 Little red dress Here is a post from Milano full of red overload and Autumn vibes. I can not explain how excited I have been to share these images with you all. They are all shot by my taltended and super loving friend Maria, which I brought with me on this MFW journey. READ MORE Today × 28th September 2018 Wearing the new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Here the weather is amazing, we have 18 degrees and sun today, so it means lovely walks in these beautiful surroundings with a good take-away coffee from my all time favourite coffee shop "flat white" in my hand. Yesterday morning I went for a refreshing run in the woods, which Durham is surrounded by. READ MORE Style × 26th September 2018 High boots obsession this season I have just invested in this beautiful pair from Zara, which has the most beautiful dark red color. They have a little heel, so I will mostly use them most for meetings, parties and events. In fact, they are surprisingly comfortable to wear and I have to say I tested them to the fullest READ MORE Lifestyle × 25th September 2018 New York city day two We started the our second day with a fun spinning class with FlyWheel in Brooklyn just a few minutes from our hotel. I have to admit that when I looked at our schedule and saw that Love Amika had planned a spinning class for an hour super early in the morning READ MORE Lifestyle × 20th September 2018 Dresses I love for Autumn We have officially stepped into the new season, and I LOVE it! You guys know that Autumn is my all time favorite season of the year, and I have been so excited to welcome the new trend into my wardrobe. I adore the brun and nude tones - it's so me and I feel way more "comfortable" in my own body at this time of the year. READ MORE Lifestyle × 19th September 2018 Catching the first Sunset & dinner in brooklyn We landed in New York around 2pm in the afternoon and thanks to lovely Love Amika, they had arranged a car to pick us up from the airport and bring us to our gorgeous hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn READ MORE