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    London × 25th November 2018 The suit of my dreams Happy Sunday my dear followers! I kicked started my day with a personal training session with my coach Glenn, which I introduced to you to in yesterday's posts, which you can read HERE. READ MORE Workout × 24th November 2018 I’ve got a personal trainer I have a goal that I would like to be in the best shape I have ever been and I already feel like it's going the right direction. I'm not too restrict with what I eat, I think about everything I put in my mouth, but I also feel like there should be room for relaxation. READ MORE Today × 23rd November 2018 Braids and knee high boots It was thanksgiving yesterday and since I feel I'm in a bit of a sad and gray period, I will end this blog post with 10 positive things that I'm grateful for today so that today's posts can end with some happy and uplifting vibes. READ MORE Lifestyle × 21st November 2018 Our bedroom update My wonderful followers! It's finally time for a small apartment update. As you know, the decoration of my apartment has been paused for a while, since I was supposed to move into another apartment with my man - BUT unfortunately like you read in THIS post, it didn't work out that way. I've therefor started to finish the rooms that I needed some work. READ MORE Today × 20th November 2018 Matching London in my new red coat Hi my wonderful followers! I am FINALLY back. My blog have been down for many days now. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. I've done everything I've been able to do, to get it back up and running. My man contacted a talented IT guy, and he helped me out. This period when my blog have been down, is been hard to find myself really. It's as if the blog is such a big part of me, that if I do not blog daily it makes me sad and frustrated. READ MORE Beauty × 5th November 2018 michael van clarke hairdresser london Last week I was incredibly lucky to be invited to Michael Van Clarke's hairdressing salon here in London. As I travel to New York tomorrow morning with Victoria Secret, I was buzzing of pure happiness with the perfect timing, since my hair was in urgently needed of a loving transformation READ MORE Lifestyle × 2nd November 2018 my favourite book shop in London Dear followers! I thought it was about time for another London tip blogpost, as they are always highly requested by you wonderful followers. I love to explore London and find new beautiful spots, which happens almost daily, so it's finally time to share with you, a few of my many London tips. READ MORE Lifestyle × 30th October 2018 moving apartment – update Dearest followers! Do you remember that I wrote THIS extremely happy and exciting blogpost where I shared the indescribable good news that my man and I had found the most beautiful apartment and we signed the contract and were going to move in late November? Yep... Unfortunately, the plan didn't really work out that way. READ MORE Style × 26th October 2018 Coats I’m crushing on this season This season my absolute favourite out wear must be this long gorgeous coat from H&M. I’ve only had it for about two weeks now, but every day it’s been my go-to piece. I love the shape and the long length which is long - but still not too long. Since you guys might know I’m not the tallest girl on eart READ MORE Amsterdam × 24th October 2018 My stay at the Radisson in Amsterdam Good evening my angels! Today’s post is all about my wonderful tip to Amsterdam with Maria in Collaboration with Radisson Hotels. In my Amsterdam posts you’ve previosly read about my excitment and love for Amsterdam. Since I was a little girl an my parents took me there for the first time, I’ve never forgot about it READ MORE