Cutest cake shop in London

LOCATION: Peggy Porschen



Now I feel like I have 1 million things to tell you. I will do my best to update the blog 4 times a week, because I also post on my Instagram 2-3 times a day and started doing lots of videos on there too. I want to do 1 Youtube video a week as well – I know it’s quite a high goal, but I feel like it’s good to push yourself

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A little pop of colour




Happy Monday my angels! It’s been such a lovely yet busy week. My first “propper” week back in London after a few lovely days in Durham. Now it’s back to my everyday life, and it’s been great and quite full on. I’ve had a schedule full of meetings, event and friends I had to catch up with. It’s so great to be back – or should I say it’s great to be home again!

Moving in pizza


Home Sweet home


After a couple of dreamy days in Durham I am again back in London. It’s super fantastisk to be home again! It feels a bit strange still to call my little cute apartment in Fulham “home”. Haha. It is almost unreal! It feels a bit like I’ve got to live my London life again – just a better version this time. Yay!

In-n-out burgers california

LOCATION: California

you are the cheese to my burger


When I was sat on the train from London to Durham a couple of days ago, I looked through my images from California, and it hit me that I still have some cool blogposts to share with you angels from there

Back in London and chill day round Notthing hill


Noting Hill


Hi my dearest followers! It had been a few quite stressful days with the move and everything. We do not have any furnitures yet, so my lovely friend Louise and I currently use an air mattress as our sofa, dining table etc. Haha! It’s a bit funny to be honest. I am so happy and my mood is high, so we can luckily see the funny in living like this until our furnitures arrives. We know it’s a temporary solution.