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    Lifestyle × 18th September 2018 My frist day in New York Hi my dearest followers, here's my first blogpost from New York! Wuhuuu.. Like I wrote to you in my last blogpost, Love Amika Haircare took me here on this wonderful trip with a few other super amazing influencers. READ MORE Lifestyle × 5th September 2018 Dream Sister jane Good morning my lovely followers! I'm writing todays post from London Heathrow Airport, and I am currently sat by the gate waiting to board my flight to NYC. I am going for 5 exciting days with Amika haircare. It's going to be a few super fun days with a lovely schedule. READ MORE Style × 3rd September 2018 The dress made of my dreams Good morning angels! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’ve had a very productive yet relaxing few days. Since I’m flying to New York on Wednesday I’m trying to get all my to-do’s crossed off, so I can leave without feeling guilty or stressed out about anything. READ MORE Lifestyle × 30th August 2018 interior wishlist for our new home H&M Home and Urban Outfitters are amazing when it comes to decor this season! My wish list are booming from there, and I love how their prices are always at the affordable end, which is amazing - and since I'm already sure that I'm going to spend a fortune on the move itself. READ MORE Lifestyle × 29th August 2018 One of my favourite autumn recipes Start boiling your brown rice. Go for what's it says back on the packaging - I always cook a big portion so I have enough food for a couple of days. Chop your red onion and place it on a large half-deep pan with olive oil. Then add your spices READ MORE Lifestyle × 28th August 2018 Raw phone photos of our new home As you can see on the images above the kitchen is big and industrial, we have a bath and a lovely bight livingroom. I am crazy about oldschool fireplaces which you can find in every room of the apartment, and the high france doors that opens up into the bedroom. READ MORE Lifestyle × 26th August 2018 Moving in with my boyfriend I have to admit that I am incredibly excited and a little nervous, but at the same time I'm happy and can not wait for what's to come. I have incredibly exciting news to share with you! My wonderful boyfriend and I have decided to move in together. READ MORE Style × 24th August 2018 Easy everyday hairstyle inspiration Like I've wrote in one of my latest blogposts how I recently love to experiment with new easy hairstyles. I've got a bit tired of always styling my hair in the same way, so I have started challenging myself trying out new looks. At the moment I love to play around with different hair clips and hair ties READ MORE Lifestyle × 23rd August 2018 Bocca cafe Amsterdam Maria and I kickstarted our first day in Amsterdam with a great café visit at Bocca Café. Amsterdam offers tons of charming coffee shops, so I’ll dedicate a blogpost to each one we visit while we are here. This café is super lovely and spacious with high ceilings READ MORE Today × 20th August 2018 Matching Amsterdam in brown dress and braids There is something special about Amsterdam that I love completely indescribably much. I feelt at home from the moment I arrived there, just like I did the frist time I went to London. I do not have feeling many places, and I have never felt like that with Copenhagen or other Danish cities, but there is something about Amsterdam that I'm completely in love with. READ MORE