Easy everyday hairstyle inspiration

LOCATION: Hair band and hair clips


Like I’ve wrote in one of my latest blogposts how I recently love to experiment with new easy hairstyles. I’ve got a bit tired of always styling my hair in the same way, so I have started challenging myself trying out new looks. At the moment I love to play around with different hair clips and hair ties

Bocca cafe Amsterdam

LOCATION: Bocca Café

Kerkstraat 96H, 1017GP Amsterdam

Maria and I kickstarted our first day in Amsterdam with a great café visit at Bocca Café. Amsterdam offers tons of charming coffee shops, so I’ll dedicate a blogpost to each one we visit while we are here. This café is super lovely and spacious with high ceilings

Matching Amsterdam in brown dress and braids

LOCATION: Amsterdam


There is something special about Amsterdam that I love completely indescribably much. I feelt at home from the moment I arrived there, just like I did the frist time I went to London. I do not have feeling many places, and I have never felt like that with Copenhagen or other Danish cities, but there is something about Amsterdam that I’m completely in love with.

Sticky fingers café Amsterdam

LOCATION: Sticky Fingers, Amsterdam

Amstelveenseweg 3, 1054 MB Amsterdam

Happy Sunday my lovely followers! Today’s post is one of my many Amsterdam tips, this cozy cafe: Sticky Fingers. Maria and I both found this place by scrolling through places to go in Amsterdam on Instagram, and thought it was a perfect place to search shelter from the rain.

Pink dream Mama Kelly Amsterdam

LOCATION: Mama Kelly Restaurant

Olympisch Stadion 35, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are a girly girl and love pink, Mama Kelly restaurant in Amsterdam is 100% a place for you and should be written highest on your Amsterdam restaurant go-to list. Can a restaurant be too pink? Mama Kelly don’t think so. Here everything is pink from floor to ceiling.