distrikt coffee in Berlin


Distrikt coffee


When Anna and I were in Berlin, we had of course searched online for where to enjoy the city’s best coffee, and Distrikt coffee came up. I also posted on my insta stories that I was going to Berlin. and that we needed all your best tips. I did not expect more than a few messages, but I received over 30 amazing and incredibly long comments from you sweet followers with lots of good tips.

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Vinyl shopping in Århus

LOCATION: Aarhus, Denmark

Badstuerock records


When I was in Aarhus last weekend with the girls, I should of course pass my favorite vinyl shop. I always visit it when I’m in Aarhus, so I can buy a new LP home. I shared a picture from Instagram and I got a lot of questions about which store it was. The vinyl store is called Badstuerock, and is one of the oldest independent vinyl stores in Denmark. It is located on a charming side street in the old town, where I always hang out when I’m there.

Balance between work and pleasure ASUS


Kislings Café


Here I am away from the habitual surroundings and I can fully focus on my emails and finishing my posts. Love my little handy computer, because it’s easy to bring round and especially good when I travel.

One day in Vigo Spian




Vigo is a pretty big city but we had a little trouble finding places we thought were something for us. We found a cool vintage shop, a beautiful hill overlooking Vigo and this nice street was clearly worth blogging about, but unfortunately we did not had much more spare time to find more hidden gems. There are guaranteed a lot of nice places, but because we only had half a day in Vigo, we did not see that much. I have chosen to share the other two tips in separate posts, as I always have a lot of pictures – and I do not want to overload you with too many pictures in one post