It’s okay be to sad for no reason

LOCATION: home sweet home


Today I want to write about a quite sensitive subject, and I want to clear one ting for you and for myself: It’s okay to be sad without a reason. Lately I have been quite sad, but I actually didn’t really have any reason to be? I’ve always seen myself as a ray of sunshine.

Arrived in Amsterdam



Hi my lovely followers! Today I am checking in from Amsterdam. It was a very last-minute trip, probably never been so last minute before. I was notified that the tickets were ordered yesterday when it was around 17 pm and at 20.50 pm our flight from London Heathrow was departed. It was quite a panic attack that hit me and I think I’v packed that fast ever before! Everything was thrown in the suitcase.

All white with a touch of pink


Notting Hill

This warm summer means I consciously choose the soft summer colors. Black is a killer as it attracts and keep all the heat! White is therefore my go-to wardrobe color for the time being. I’m particularly fond of this outfit, and I have been looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Dean Street Townhouse stay with Radox


Dean Street Town House

A couple of weeks ago, Radox invited me to a wonderful one-day hotel stay at Dean Street Townhouse here in London. It’s a lovely hotel located right in the center of London and I love everything about this hotel. The decor is beautiful and complete throughout all the way though and the location doesn’t get any better.

Why I keep dreaming about California & where to stay in Palm Springs

LOCATION: Palm Springs


I have traveled a lot the passed year, and it happens that I can sit in an airport and almost forget where I came from and where I am going. I love to travel and I think I’ll never get enough of it – not even when I’ll one day be pregnant or have my own loving family.