Why I’ve moved back to London

LOCATION: Time for a personal post

My move to London


My dearest and most loving followers! Today it’s time for a little personal post. I get lots of questions about why I’m moving back to London, so I thought it was important for me to write this post for you angels

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A little hi from Geneva




Hi my dearest followers! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with your family and the once you have near. Mine have been absolutely fantastic, although my family and I have been going through quite a hard time. My grandmother ended up in the hospital, and we were so afraid we were going to loose her here during Christmas.

Big News – My own jewelry collection is out

LOCATION: My own collection

With Love Darling X Isabella Thordsen


My jewelry collection means so much to me, since it’s inspired by my childhood. Happiness, corals, the nature, the ocean and all the soft waves. I’ve decided to add in the gorgeous light green stone: chrysoprase in my collection. It is one of the most elevated and uplifting gems with its clear green color and healing properties that create a good energy

My biggest adventure to date flying helicopter to grand canyon


Grand Canyon


It’s finally time to share my gorgeous, gorgeous Grand Canyon images with you angels here on the blog. Words can not describe what a big experience it was. It’s something you just have to experience before you can actually understand what a unique adventure it was. It was also my first time flying in a helicopter, so it was a big bucket list day for me as you can imagine!

My Las Vegas trip with norwegian

LOCATION: My fun and adventurous Las Vegas trip

In collaboration with Las Vegas and Norwegian


I can’t put words on just how excing my Las Vegas trip was. I have so many blogposts coming up from Vegas this week. Yaaay!! I have been super excited to share them all with you guys, since I’ve experiensed so much in just a few days there. I am also currently editing a video from there, which I will try and post tomorrow or Wednesday.