Can every morning start like this


There is nothing I love more than to wake up in this room! Our bedroom is such a cosy, warm and lovely place to be in. Here is lot’s of light, always fresh flowers and then I love to move around all the pillows, blankets, vases, cactuses etc. I find it so much fun to decorate our home. I just got lots of new items from Urban Outfitters, which I haven’t shared with you guys yet, so I thought I wanted to do that today.

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The travel of realizing stuff


My India trip has given me a lot to think about. This trip has in a very different way really touched me and my life. It sounds quite strange, but it’s actually true. On this trip, I’ve really had a lot of thoughts about my life, where I am and the path I have chosen. Never before have I felt so sure that the path I have chosen is the right path for me. I feel totally certain in my choice of life partner, my career and the big and difficult choices I have made this past year, although the doubt likes to come and slap me really hard in the face sometimes!

Random stuff from my everyday life part 2


Above you see a typical morning picture. The bed was made nicely, pillows placed where I wanted them but then little Pumpkin (now quite big Pumpkin) each day after our morning walk like to run directly back into bed and mess it all up. So I guess the time is over where I had a nicely made bed! BUT have you seen our cool new bedsheets? It’s from Urban Ourtitters and I mean, what is not to love? There is avocado all over

Private yoga session at sunrise


My mother and I are staying on an Ayurvedic clinic here in India where we get massages every day, practice yoga and focus on mindfulness, and finding ourselves. It’s a great experience and something I can not compare with anything else! The treatments we get every day should help us getting rid of all the heavy metals from our body.