London tip: The Farm Girl

LOCATION: 59A Portobello Rd

London W11 3DB


Notting Hill is such a charming area and without doubt one of my favourites in London. When you walk down the charming market, then you’ll spot the cute white entrance to the Farm Girl on your left side walking from the station. The entrance is white and full of wild greens growing around the walls.

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Statement glitter skirt and girly pink heels


Oxford Street


can not quite believe that we’ve reached the end of yet another week. I know I say it often, but gosh it’s scary how quite the time pass by lately. Now there’s only a few days left till my absolute best friend moved out of our lovely London apartment, which to be honest breaks my heart.

At the souk Marrakech

LOCATION: The souk

Marrakech, Morocco


My angels! This post have been taken me way too long to write. I haven’t been this excited for a long time, to share my tips and travel experiences with you. I love the fact that I get to travel all over the world, and share my experiences with you guys.

summer statement earrings

LOCATION: earrings to go for

this season


Hi my lovely followers! Today I want to tip you guys about some of my favourite statement earrings of the season!

5 reasons why I love Monday’s

LOCATION: Think positive

New week, new goals


Monday for me always means that you get a fresh start. Mondays are you chance to start again. Clean your slate, and think forward. “New Monday, New week, New goals”. It’s like every Monday we are given a new chance to improve ourselves.