Love your natural hair

LOCATION: No blowdrying for a month

How to keep your hair healthy


I try to only wash my hair once a week. When my hair starts to get greasy, I use a little dry shampoo or put my hair up so that you do not notice it. When I take a shower I put my hair up in a bun. If you wash your hair too much, you wash out all the healthy oils, which your hair makes itself. If I have an event or something important, I of course wash my hair so that it looks nice and freshly washed, but now my hair keeps “fresh” for longer because I got used to being washed only a few times a week.

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red tones in Berlin

LOCATION: Statement skirt

Berlin, Germany


Glædelig torsdag! En lille update herfra med et par hyggelige og smilende billeder fra Berlin <3 Det er en tur jeg aldrig vil glemme, den vibe Berlin har er utrolig fed og så havde jeg grine flip stort set 3 dage i træk – så tiltrængt. Her i dag bli…

Silky bomber jacket


Silky bomber jacket & skinny jeans


The last couple of months have been super exciting, but also really hard. It’s been weird to get used to being restaurant owners. My man is doing an amazing job, and luckily his brother is still here, so that have been an enormous help! Our rutines and everyday life have been changed completely, and that also takes a lot of time and energy getting used to.

Back to school backpacks

LOCATION: The perfect "Back To School" Bag



A sweet reader asked me on Instagram if I would not tip about my favorite “Back To School” bags. Such a great idea for a blogpost

Don’t freak out


The jeans made of dreams


When it comes to skinny jeans then Lee have been one of my go-to brands for many years. There is no one who design skinny jeans like they do. Their design fits like a dream with such a complimenting fit.