My London diary – video




Today’s second blogpost is a video diary from my trip to London. I had a few packed days, so I thought it could be a fun and cosy idea to share them with you in seperate videos. I am already editing my London Diary Video number 2, so I will post that on the blog as soon as I’m done editing it. Otherwise you can also keep updated HERE, on my YouTube channel.

leopard crush




I was so lucky that I got to see my wonderful friend Diana for a chat when I was in London. Normally I live at her and her boyfriend Victors place when I am there, but unfortunately they had some family visiting this time, so I had to find another place to stay.

Coats to go for this season

LOCATION: Coats for Autumn/winter

look out for


Today I want to tip you guys about some gorgeous coats for Autumn/Winter. This season I love long coats, leopard, fluffy and different jackets there stand out from the crowd, and more classic once. In this post you see all my favorites.

Coffee date with my girl in Paris




It feels so good to be back home in Denmark again and spend some time with my little family. My mum and I spend a lot of time together before I went to London, so I missed her a lot while I was there. Tonight I am going to have dinner with her and later we are going to watch a danish tv-show called “Do you know the type” – I LOVE that show. Haha!