Random stuff from my everyday life part 1


Hi my amazing followers! I have been thinking a lot about how everything on social media always need to look so perfect, and when I scroll through my blogposts I can see I tend to do the same! I love to shoot pretty posts, set up everything so it looks it’s best. That’s just such a big passion for me, and I feel so lucky that each day I get to work with photography, because that’s something that have grown on my for many years!

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Pointy Gucci sunglasses


I don’t know where to start or end my excitement! I’m completely in love with my new Gucci sunglasses from Smartbuyglasses.dk – On their website they are on sale from round 370 pounds to just 200 pounds. Smartbuyglasses always have amazing offers!

We have arrived in kovalam India


Hi from India my sweet followers! It’s just so amazing to blog from new surroundings” I hope that you all are well. I really am. Here is so amazing, and I really enjoy that the only thing my mum and I have to care about is being here together in the moment, and just focus on what’s happening around us.

Let’s get planty


My mum and I went to Plantorama the other day to buy some more plants and flowers for my home. Those of you who do not know Plantorama – oh god it’s the most dreamy place! Unfortunately they only have shops in Denmark, so if you come here one day, then you must go! It’s my number one place for shopping flowers and plants, plus they also sell great accessories, toys and food for Pumpkin.

last day with him


Good morning my sweet followers! Basically I just wanted to check in and say hi and thank you so much for all the sweet comments, messages and e-amils I’ve got regarding me being honest about feeling lonely. It’s almost scary how many of you who can relate to the feelings I have.