Back home for one day

LOCATION: Home, home, home



Today I have yet another crazy day ahead of me! I need to unpack, wash my clothes, see my family and then I need to pack again, because tomorrow I’m going to England for 4 days. I am so damn excited, and cant explain you how much I’ve been looking forward to it! I am flying to Durham tomorrow morning, and then I’m actually going to quite a few places.

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Flying premium with Norwegian

LOCATION: California here I come

Long Beach


Hi my lovely followers! Here’s a little update from California – yaaaaay! Gosh, I almost can’t belive that I am actually here. It’s like a dream come true. The trip here went so smooth. I’m almost surprised how easy it was. I am here in collaboration with Fly Norwegian and Visit California. Feel so blessed and lucky that they’ve picked me to come on this adventurious, once in a lifetime experience. I feel like this trip is just what I needed after these though weeks.

I’m going to California

LOCATION: California

Palm Springs


Good morning my fantastic followers! Today is a very happy day – this morning I’m flying to California with the amazing Visit California team and a couple of sweet bloggers. It’s going to be SUCH a big experience for me, I really can not wait.. I have been going through a couple of super tough days, so it’s going to be nice to get it all on a distance.

Going through a hard time

LOCATION: Home sweet home



The blog has occasionally stood still because I’ve sometimes been so sad that I have not even been able to work. My work is usually something that makes me happy, motivating me and I want to constantly improve myself. Even the smallest things like washing clothes, cleaning etc. became a huge burden to me because I was actually incredibly unhappy. Life shouldn’t be or feel like that, so right now I think it’s best for me to be by myself. Find Isabella again! Enjoy the freedom to travel, work and soon be back in my lovely and vibrant London again.

Restaurant tip in London 7 dials

LOCATION: Restaurant Boki, London

7 Dials


When I was in London I met my sweet photographer Amber for a lovely brunch in 7 Dials. Here you find Boki, which is a super lovely restaurant, and no doubt worth a visit, if you are in London or you are planning a visit there anytime soon. Both their interior and the food is amazing! Here is a great vibe, and I love the size of the place.