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    Lifestyle × 28th August 2018 Raw phone photos of our new home As you can see on the images above the kitchen is big and industrial, we have a bath and a lovely bight livingroom. I am crazy about oldschool fireplaces which you can find in every room of the apartment, and the high france doors that opens up into the bedroom. READ MORE Lifestyle × 26th August 2018 Moving in with my boyfriend I have to admit that I am incredibly excited and a little nervous, but at the same time I'm happy and can not wait for what's to come. I have incredibly exciting news to share with you! My wonderful boyfriend and I have decided to move in together. READ MORE Style × 24th August 2018 Easy everyday hairstyle inspiration Like I've wrote in one of my latest blogposts how I recently love to experiment with new easy hairstyles. I've got a bit tired of always styling my hair in the same way, so I have started challenging myself trying out new looks. At the moment I love to play around with different hair clips and hair ties READ MORE Lifestyle × 23rd August 2018 Bocca cafe Amsterdam Maria and I kickstarted our first day in Amsterdam with a great café visit at Bocca Café. Amsterdam offers tons of charming coffee shops, so I’ll dedicate a blogpost to each one we visit while we are here. This café is super lovely and spacious with high ceilings READ MORE Today × 20th August 2018 Matching Amsterdam in brown dress and braids There is something special about Amsterdam that I love completely indescribably much. I feelt at home from the moment I arrived there, just like I did the frist time I went to London. I do not have feeling many places, and I have never felt like that with Copenhagen or other Danish cities, but there is something about Amsterdam that I'm completely in love with. READ MORE Amsterdam × 19th August 2018 Sticky fingers café Amsterdam Happy Sunday my lovely followers! Today's post is one of my many Amsterdam tips, this cozy cafe: Sticky Fingers. Maria and I both found this place by scrolling through places to go in Amsterdam on Instagram, and thought it was a perfect place to search shelter from the rain. READ MORE Amsterdam × 15th August 2018 Pink dream Mama Kelly Amsterdam If you are a girly girl and love pink, Mama Kelly restaurant in Amsterdam is 100% a place for you and should be written highest on your Amsterdam restaurant go-to list. Can a restaurant be too pink? Mama Kelly don't think so. Here everything is pink from floor to ceiling. READ MORE Lifestyle × 14th August 2018 It’s okay be to sad for no reason Today I want to write about a quite sensitive subject, and I want to clear one ting for you and for myself: It's okay to be sad without a reason. Lately I have been quite sad, but I actually didn't really have any reason to be? I've always seen myself as a ray of sunshine. READ MORE Amsterdam × 13th August 2018 Arrived in Amsterdam Hi my lovely followers! Today I am checking in from Amsterdam. It was a very last-minute trip, probably never been so last minute before. I was notified that the tickets were ordered yesterday when it was around 17 pm and at 20.50 pm our flight from London Heathrow was departed. It was quite a panic attack that hit me and I think I'v packed that fast ever before! Everything was thrown in the suitcase. READ MORE Lifestyle × 8th August 2018 All white with a touch of pink This warm summer means I consciously choose the soft summer colors. Black is a killer as it attracts and keep all the heat! White is therefore my go-to wardrobe color for the time being. I'm particularly fond of this outfit, and I have been looking forward to sharing it with you all. READ MORE