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    Classy all white look and comfy sneakers

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    My wonderful followers! I have been so excited to share my latest London outfit with you all. My man and I photographed them together last week doing our little two days stay in Chelsea. We had a few meetings in London and had to visit my agency Storm. It was great to see all the girls again, and we had the best time walking round our beloved neighborhood.

    It felt quite strange being back in our area without going home to our old apartment in Fulham. On the other hand it felt really nice knowing that we no longer have that heavy rent hanging above our heads every month and constantly having to feeling guilty for never actually being in the flat, since we are constantly traveling.

    My look is all Boden. It’s in my opinion the perfect spring look! The skirt were made for twirling, and one thing I admire about it is the flattering fit. The length is perfect AND it has got pockets. I LOVE pockets! (I don’t know any girls there is not a major fan of pockets! haha) I feel that with the pockets it’s more suitable for everyday use. Find my skirt HERE.

    I don’t know if you know of Boden? If you don’t you’ll have to check them out. They do stunning classic, trendy and high quality clothes there will last you years and years. I am especially a big fan of their skirt, jumpsuits, blazers and dresses. Have a look at their website HERE.

    Items I am on the look out for this spring:

    1. Cute straw bags

    2. Sneakers or Converse to combine with more feminine looks

    3. Belts to wear in the waist both over dresses, shirts and jackets

    4. All white and cream looks

    5. Adding a pop of color to an elegant look with a statement bag or red lip

    6. Statement earrings and seashell or pearl details

    7. Floaty maxi and midi skirts & dresses

    8. Espadriller sandals

    I feel so lucky that I get to travel with my partner in crime and very best friend! We are having the time of our lives and I’m starting to relax in the thought of not having our own place. Especially in the beginning it was a bit frustrating not knowing where I belong, and where home is.. I know that one day we will buy a beautiful home together, and I will look forward to then doing all the decor etc. But now our life is all about trying to establish a life together, getting to see the world and we are actually about to start a new exciting project together soon, which I am SO excited to tell you all about. You will absolutely love it, and I know you will support our new journey all the way – like you always do.

    Today is yet another beautiful day here in Denmark. I have been so lucky with the weather since I got here. Every day we have had sun and no clouds – so you can imagine what a stunning sunset we must have had every day overlooking the water. 

    Today my best friend Anna is coming to see me. We are going to spend the whole day together. She is one of my very best friends, and I miss her so much in my everyday life. We are luckily very good at calling each other. At least once a week we have a 1-2 hour catch up over the phone. Haha! Nothing makes me happier. We both know each other are super busy, so these phone calls once a week or once every second week works perfectly for us.

    Every time we speak and see each other it feels like we’ve seen each other yesterday.

    I am super excited for a girls day with lots of girls talk. Cosy long walks by the beach and a visit to our local café where we used to meet at leat once a week before we both moved away from Sønderborg. 

    Sending you angels a big hug from here 
    Your Isabella xxx

    9th April 2019