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    Easy 4 ingredients vegan spelt loaf recipe

    Bake the world a better place!

    One thing that I love doing and have been putting a lot of time and effort into is my baking doing this lockdown period. It is like my painting a great way to take my mind off things. A couple of hours where you get to focus on being creative in a different way, it’s so healthy for you – and then you get to enjoy the delicious food you’ve made afterwards as a little reward!

    My mother is super talented at baking, and I always loved watching her and spending the quality time with her in the kitchen when I was a child – I still do that whenever I am home and I aspire to be as good as her one day, when I have a family of my own. 

    Recently I have tried to experience with baking bread. I have the past couple of years pretty much only baked sweet recipes such as cookies, cakes etc. so I’ve enjoyed challenging myself to bake some good bread. The past couple of weeks I have a couple of days pr week baked this super easy 4 ingredients vegan spelt bread recipe, and I have become obsessed with it. 

    I love a recipe where you do not need to get 100 different ingredients, and especially doing this time where it’s often hard to find flour, eggs etc. so this recipe is  super easy and all vegan and only contains 4 ingredients: spelt flour, dry yeast, salt and water. SO angels – lets get to it shall we!

    All you need

    330g white spelt flour

    1 tsp instant yeast

    1 tsp salt

    250ml warm water (made by mixing 1:1 boiling water to cold water)

    Oil for oiling the pans (if needed)


    Step by step:

    Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl to remove clumps. Add the yeast mixing gently using your hands. Slowly add the warm water while mixing with your hands. The dough should be very sticky.

    Then transfer your dough to a floured flat surface.

    Knead dough for 5-10 minutes gently pulling apart and massaging.

    Transfer dough to a clean mixing bowl. Cover with saran wrap.

    Let rise in a warm area until the dough doubles in size. Approximately 40 minutes.

    Preheat oven to 250 degrees C.

    Once bread is has risen, transfer again to a flat floured surface. Add salt. Fold and shape dough into desired shape. Score top gently with a sharp knife. Transfer to a non stick baking sheet. You can also use an oiled or non-stick bread mould – But I haven’t tried that yet.

    Bake for 20 minutes and then reduce heat to 220 degrees C. and then bake for another 15-20 minutes, until the bread makes a hollow sound when you tap the bottom.

    And there you go – easy and super delicious vegan loaf. I baske it almost every other day, there nothing better than homemade bread. Every morning I smile when I think of what I am going to have for breakfast. I especially enjoy my loaf with cream cheese and smoked salmon – yummy.

    Stay safe my angels! Let me know what you think about this recipe, and do share with me other yummy recipes you think I should give a try.
    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    21st april 2020



    This recipe seems so delicious, I really need to make it!
    Miki x