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    The look for Autumn

    “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit!”

    A comfortable and classic look from yesterday. I’ve had the best weekend with my man and lovely mother. I have enjoyed every single moment! It has been a busy couple of days, but full of joy and happiness. Today is back to reality and back to full speed work and deadlines. Tomorrow Fergus and I are going to Scotland with a Whiskey brand called Aberfeldy, and I am can not wait. I have never been that far north in Scotland and I am looking forward to getting to know everything about the brand, how they make their popular whiskey etc. 

    Today I am sorting out lots of to-do’s. Moving always takes time, and there are lots of things to sort out that I forget all about.

    Yesterday I met my lovely friend Amy in Covent Garden for coffee and photos. She just got this little adorable puppy called Chrunchy! He is like a real teddy bear (just much more adorable – he melts everyone’s heart). It’s almost impossible to take him on a walk, since everybody wants to stop and give him cuddles. Hanging out with Amy and baby Crunchy makes me want a little puppy myself – but now is sadly not the right time for us.

    Amy and I met each other the first time around a month before we moved back to London, and we have been seeing each other a lot since we moved – and I am so grateful for having made such a fun and loving friend. Building up new friendships mean a lot when you move country, and they are not very easy to find. A lot of my friends from before have sadly moved from London, so meeting Amy have really made a big difference!

    Yesterday’s look is without doubt one of my favourite looks of the season. My new skirt fits like a dream and look beautiful with a pair of boots and an oversized blazer or a long classic cost. Find my new skirt HERE. 

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    23rd oktober 2019



    Muy buen post, el look esta genial
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