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    Fedora Hat and checked shirt in Norway

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    Hi my angels! We have come to our end of our first trip away, traveling round the stunning Scandinavia. Traveling for 1 1/2 month with one suitcase have been quite a challenge for both me and Fergus to be completely honest. When I packed for our trip I tried my best to pack items I easily could mix and match, so I then had more looks to wear. The only thing you forget to bare in mind is that your clothes gets dirty so easily, – and washing clothes whilst being on the road have been one of our biggest challenges.

    Try to pack a new set of underwear with you for 1 1/2 month – it’s impossible, so we have had to make a few stops on the road, so that we could pop into an H&M, haha! Luckily it was cold, so often we could wear the same t-shirt or jumper for a couple of days. I will have to think of a plan on how to do this going forward. I might have to wash our clothes at the hotels we stay at, and see if I can pack our own washing powder and do a little quick wash ourselves?

    Considering this is our frist long trip away together, we have had the time of our lives. It’s funny how we both forgot to think about how to get our clothes washed, but you always find a away – we have truly learned that during this trip. Not just regarding to our dirty clothes, but what ever happens on the way, you are together and will always figure out a solution.

    Today’s post is photographed in the beautiful mountains in Norway near Lovatnet. The place is called Rakssetra and is the most charming hike to these unique small wooden cabins. The cabins were locked, but it seems like you can rent them doing summertime – which could be such a fun experience to do for a day or two.

    The hike to Rakssetra took us about an hour or so because of the snow (and we didn’t wear proper hike shoes, which is recommended especially when it’s icy and snowy.)

    The view from Rakssetra is mind blowing, and definitely worth the hike. The cabins are the most cutest cabin’s I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few doing our trip round Norway). The colors, the size og them and the grass growing on the roofs. Since we were there when it was cold we didn’t bring any picnic food, but if I ever get back there again, then I wold definitely bring a picnic basket full of food, coffee and a soft blanket and your favourite book. This is the perfect spot to escape to for a day. Have time to take in the stunning view over Lovatnet Lake and breath in the fresh mountain air.

    When we drove round South of Norway in our campevan we decided we must visit Lovatnet which was the best decision. We stayed at a camp site just by the lake and it was truly magical waking up to the mountains reflecting in the lake. It was pure health for your soul and mind. 

    Lovatnet lake is STUNNING and if you consider a trip to here – then I can only say; “DO IT!” 

    There is lots to do in Loen. Here you can go fishing, and kayaking on Lovatnet lake. You can go climbing, hiking, mountain biking etc. It’s a spot for outdoorsy and active people for sure, and both Fergus and I will have to come back doing summer time one day. 

    I couldn’t stop thinking of how much my parents would adore this place. The views were just incredible and the fact that you spend every minute of the day outdoor is something my parents would love.

    Biggest hug from your Isabella xx


    1st April 2019