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    First stop on our Norway Adventure

    Hi my wonderful followers! Today I am checking in from gorgeous Norway. Yesterday we arrived back in Oslo where we have rented a big campervan. It’s a huge challenge for our men to drive it round the small narrow roads, but they are doing a fantastic job. Elvin and I offer to help, but they would prefer to drive it themselves, so Elvin and I are co-pilots and their GPS instread. Haha! This is truly a trip of a lifetime, and by car is the only true way to explore Norway. It’s such a big county, that it’s impossible to see in any other way.           

    Today’s blogpost is going to be about our first stop on our Norway journey; Manshausen. Like I mentioned in my last post both me, Fergus my partner and our friends Elvin and Bulent have wanted to visit this unique place for a very long time. Bulent and Elvin introduced us to this hotel months and months ago, and since then we have dreamed to go.        

    We then started talking about traveling together over a longer time and decided to plan a fun Norway adventure. We are half way now, and I don’t understand where the time has gone? When you are on the go it feels like the days fly by you faster than ever.

    Since we have dreamed to visit Manshausen Island for a long time, I feel very blessed and lucky that we got to turn that dream into a reality! We started our trip flying from Edinburg to Oslo where we spend our first night at a hotel near the airport. We then flew from Oslo to Bodø where we rented a car, so that we had the freedom to get from a-b when it suited us, and we could stop to take photos when ever we want to. To be honest, there isn’t really any other way to get there. The closest Airport in Norway to Manshausen Island is Bodø, and then you need to drive from Bodø to Nordskot, where our wonderful host Jesper picked us up by boat.

    From Nordskot, there is only a short boat journey to Manshausen, and you are blown away at first sight. The drive itself from Bodø airport to Nordskot is something I will never forget. The nature here is just unreal – a whole new level of beauty. A beauty my camera can’t even capture or do the real thing justice.

    Getting in the boat to the island is a big experience in itself. When you get in you immediately spot the beautiful architect designed cabins. The Island is very small and there is just 7 cabins on the Island all placed by the water

    We got to Manshausen late afternoon, and we were lucky to have a stunning sunset that day, AND we even got to see the Northern Lights on our first evening in North of Norway – it was such an unreal beauty. Something I have never ever seen or experienced before. Seeing the Northern lights have been on my bucket list and been a big dream of mine, and you’ll never know if you will be lucky enough to see it. We have doing our trip so far got to seen it 4 times, and every time it blows our minds!

    I adore eveything Manshausen stands for. It’s the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at, no doubt. Manshausen is a eco & sustanable hotel located as you can see on the map I’ve added to the post on a remote little island. It took a bit of planning getting there, but that only made it more exciting!

    I can not recommend this place highly enough. Being here it feels like home, it’s the most relaxing and homey place. Breakfast, lunch & dinner is every day served in their main house, and gosh it’s delicious. Every meal is homemade with all local organic products. Our lovey host Jesper and his sweet wife Astrid which is also the chef of the island makes a genuine effort to bond with their guests to make sure they have everything they need doing their stay.

    I can tell you so many wonderful things about this hotel, so I will dedicate a new blogpost with more images and information from my Manshausen Island stay later this week.

    From our charming cabins there is only a 2 minutes walk to the main house where we the frist night had a lovely homemade soup Astrid made for us. Perfect warm comfort food – just like your mum used to make it! Everthing you needed and could have dreamed off after a long day traveling.

    Sending you all a big hug from here! 
    I can not wait to share my next Norway blogpost with you all.

    Lots of love, 

    Your Isabella

    16th marts 2019