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    Healthy and easy summer pea soup recipe

    “You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach!”

    I am back in Denmark, and it’s hard to put into words how much I ADORE being back home. Yesterday was my first full day here at home with my parents, and it was my wonderful mothers day off, so we spend the whole day together. 

    I had a surprisingly productive day considering my jet-lag. The best way to get on top of jet-lag is just to power through, and I must say that’s what I did all day. I stated the day with breakfast with my parents followed by a lovely walk in the garden admiring my mothers beautiful blooming summer roses. A trip to town with my mother to buy new essentials which I had completely run out of doing my travels. I went to surprise my bother at his work. Then we had a lovely lunch, I did some meditation and had a little power nap. We then watched some Wimbledon whilst enjoying my mothers yummy homemade chocolate cake. After that we started cooking this delicious pea recipe and the evening I spend with my bother and his girlfriend and a lovely run doing sunset. I definitely made the most out of every single hour of the day. I love that feeling when you feel like you’ve had a magical day, and you are on top of your work and truly there in the moment with the once you love. I have missed being home SO bad.

    I asked you guys on my Instagram Stories yesterday if you were interested in me sharing our summer soup recipe, and more than 300 of you angels wanted me to post the recipe – so here you go angels. I hope you love it as much as we do.

    My mother and I LOVE soups – and eat it all year round. This one is especially amazing since you can serve it both warm and cold, and serve it with fish or scallops like we did to enjoy it as a main dish, or serve with roasted almonds in smaller portions as a starter. If you like meat you can also serve this soup with small pieces of crispy bacon.

    All you need for 6-8 people:

    Salted almonds
    7 dl water
    250g almonds
    150g flaky salt

    1 spa oliveoil
    500g frozen peas
    1 handful of fresh peas for topping & decoration
    500 ml veggie bullion
    2 small red onions
    1 big handful of fresh mint
    0,5 dl cream
    1 lemon
    Salt & Pebber
    2 Scallops each or other preferred fish or seafood

    Step by step:

    Start by cutting onions and garlic in small cubes, and then fry them in olive oil in a large pot at medium heat until golden, but not brown.

    Then add the peas, stir and add the veggie bullion. Boil the soup for about 7 minutes, then remove from heat.

    Rinse the fresh mint, dip them with a towel, and add the fresh mint to the soup.

    Blend it all together with a stick blender to a suitable consistency. We like when the couple have a bit of texture.

    Taste the soup and then add the preferred amount of cream or light milk, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

    Make sure not to add too much salt if you also decide to add your almonds as they are already salted. If you want it warm like us, serve the soup immediately with fried brow fresh scallops, or with other desired fish.

    How to fry the scollops:

    When you fry scallops, it’s important not to over cook them.

    Make sure before you fry them that you have roved all water from the scallops (dip them dry), and your pan is hot and ready.

    Melt the butter with a little bit of olive oil and salt your scallops before frying them on high heat. When you place them on the pan make sure not to “throw them on”. Place them delicate and fry them on both sides for about one minute on each side. Whilst they fry add some fresh lemon – and that’s it. Easy and delicious!

    Toast some thin sliced baguettes to enjoy with your soup. Pencil with your favourite olive oil and drizzle some flaked sea salt on top.

    Serve the couple with a glass or white wine or rose or a delicious non alcoholic drink.  We had some left of my mothers favourite homemade rhubarb juice, which we served with iced cubes, fresh mint and a slice of orange.

    We decorated our soup with the scallops, roasted chopped almonds and fresh mint! Easy, delicious and healthy summer recipe – perfect for a date night with your partner, if you girlfriend comes to visit or if you have friends and family over for a summer party. Enjoy guys!

    Biggest hug your Isabella xx

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    9th juli 2019