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    High heels and fluffy coat

    “Be as you wish to seem!”

    Morning my wonderful followers! Today started with a very early barre class at 6.15am, since today I have an early but exciting morning meeting, and I have a goal this week to go to barre class at least 6 times, and I know I will miss out on Thursday – and that means no way of backing out today. I have a crazy day full of events and meetings Thursday which is the only day I will allow myself off from my class this week. I have just gotten into such a fun, healthy and great routine which is why I am pushing myself to keep it this way. Every time I go I smile and feel better <3 

    Although today I had to wake up at 5.30am, which is a bit too early in my opinion, haha! BUT when that’s said, I do love to get into a good morning routine where you by yourself wake up early. I have got lots of motivation and drive at the moment and wake up with a smile on my face. It is a fantastic period to be in (finally) after a couple of weeks feeling very drained and sad. Since I am now in a happy period I am doing my best to embrace it and make the most to keep it this way..

    Links to coats and jackets I am crushing on:

    Today’s meeting is going to be all about my up and coming jewellery brand. I am super thrilled to move forward and every day I get more and more excited to share the finished designs with you all. 

    Later today I am going to the hairdresser (FINALLY!) I have been pushing it for a very long time, but I have just wanted to grow out a bit of my own colour so that the highlights will look more healthy and natural.

    The look in the photos is from Milan when Fergus and I went for a couples get-away before Christmas. I love combining my heels with more casual and cosy looks to give it a touch of glam. The red lips gives it that little extra! The one I am wearing is a lip stain colour from Giorgio Armani. It’s among some of the best I have tried! I can eat and drink for hours without ruining my red lips, which for me is a must. I hate always having to top up my lipstick, especially when I am out and about at events or dinners.

    Achieve my red lips with these gorgeous colours:

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    2nd marts 2020