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    How to get into a good morning habit

    “Every morning is a beautiful morning!”

    Morning guys! Today’s blogpost is one of my most precious once, and I have been meaning to write about this for a while actually, because for me, this is such an important topic. Especially being self-employed I have felt the consequences of lacking a good morning routine. How I decide to kick start my day is the most important thing of all. By starting the day right it often dictates if I will have a productive day or not. It’s often hard to turn round if my morning starts too slow etc.

    Getting into a new morning routine will take lots of work and dedication. You have to stick to your new morning routine for a week in order to start feeling the benefits. 

    After one week practising your new routine you will be able to feel the benefits, and you can then start to tweak and make adjustments your routine a little if you feel like something is working, but something isn’t. Some routines might work for some – but not for others, so it’s about getting to know yourself and feel deep down what makes a difference for you.

    The goal for doing this is to shape the morning routine that makes you feel the best, gives you the most energy, and sets you up for the most successful day. As you this routine every morning, it will in the end become a good healthy habit.

    Tips on how to create a healthy morning for your mind, soul and body:

    My most important advice: Most of us use our phone as an alarm (including myself) but this can be quite unhealthy, because that means the first thing we end up doing in the morning is scrolling through our social media, checking our emails and most important news stories. BUT, don’t do this guys – my most important tip is to switch off you alarm, but then leave your phone. 

    A very interesting article I read HERE explain that by checking our social media and email is actually giving us “self-worth” these days. Little hits of brain chemicals are released when we see that someone liked our post or responded to our tweets. BUT, when we allow our social media to be the thing that gives us self-worth first thing in the morning, we’re degrading our own confidence.

    Secondly, by checking emails and news increases our stress levels. As we’re instantly reminded of all the things we have to do and haven’t done, which is not exactly a happy and promising way to start your day..

    My second most important tip: Start your day with drinking a big glass of water. This is something I still need to get better at, but I can always feel a massive difference when I remember this. I feel more fresh and light headed.  

    While we sleep our body work hard on resting and getting rid of all toxic processed things like sugar etc. By drinking water in the morning it helps kickstart your metabolism and if you add some lemon and fresh mint it add some good health benefits.

    My third tip: It’s all in the small things. Put on your coffee machine while you do a little morning stretch followed by a 10 minutes of meditation (On busy days do still prioritise this. It’s proven that just 5 minutes help you to feel happier more calm and your brain is going to get a surge of oxygen doing this. Breathe in as much as you can through your nose, then breath out slowly through your mouth.) Then do yourself the favour of tidying up your bed and bedroom. It makes you feel like you’ve been good to your soul and body, and the tidy room gives you a clear head and knowing you come back home to a tidy room is the absolute best feeling.

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    Fourth morning tip: One of my most important things are to set my goals for the day. Write a to-do list that is realistic, make sense, can be completed, and always set some time in your calendar for something that will come in your way and distract you. That always happen, and don’t let that push you off track – so by already making time for that, it won’t have a bad effect on you.

    If you are lucky and nothing else happen, you can use this time on yourself. Maybe for reading your favourite book, going for a little walk, write to a close friend or just enjoying doing nothing – you deserve it!

    These days where I am staying at my parents place in Denmark, my morning routine look something like this:

    • When I wake up I set another alarm in 10 minutes and use that time to meditate. Focus on myself and my breathing.
    • After meditation I do 5 minutes of stretching
    • I make a big glass of water with lemon while I prepare breakfast with my mum
    • Eat breakfast and drink coffee with my parents
    • Write a my to-do list and goals for the day 
    • If I have time I either do 40 minutes of home exercises or go for a 20 minutes run followed by some home exercises (if not, I make sure to work it into my schedule for later in the day)
    • I then shower, get ready and start my work day

    I am fully aware that some of you have a different work schedule that might not allow you to have much time before work to do these things, and some of you may have small children, which will make these morning routines even harder to do. In a couple of years I might be in that situation too, where my priorities and morning routine will have too change.

    What this post is all about it really to remind you to be good to yourself, and allow yourself create a good and healthy morning routine that works best for you in whatever lifestyle you’re living and for right now, this is what works for me.

    This morning routine makes me feel great and far more prepared for whatever the day has to throw at me.

    Lots of love
    Your Isabella xxx

    15th august 2019



    Thank you for this post! ? It was so lovely to read and totally inspired me to change up my morning routine! Xx