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    How to master an all black outfit

    “Very nice, but does it come in black?”

    Looking at these images makes me smile from cheek to cheek! My man and I had the most magical week together in Paris. Walking hand in hand joking and laughing non stop. That is what life is all about! Finding that one person that feels like home. Someone you can laugh and be yourself with..

    Paris is a magical place, and I feel very grateful for the week we got to spend there together, just him and I. Fergus turned 29 and I gave him the trip as his Christmas present, so that could spend an unforgettable birthday together. I did my best to spoil him with presents, breakfast in bed and a day out in Paris on me.

     The weather was beautiful – but unbelievably cold! I wasn’t really prepared for that, so every single day I layered up multiple layers to stay warm. Luckily my suitcase was packed with classic items you can easily mix and match, so it wasn’t difficult to wear extra layers.

    Are you like me a fan of all-black outfits? It’s for sure a classic and a timeless choice, and if I have to think of one person that rocks this style to perfection – then it’s my cool and trendy mother. She master this minimal and classic all black look to perfection, and always keep them exciting and inspiring.

    Some people may say that an all black look can be boring – but I couldn’t disagree more. BUT there are ways to rock an all black outfit and that’s by adding and mixing different textures, materials and shapes. Add some eye-catching nail polish, jewellery or a colourful lip colour. 

    Tips on how to rock an all black outfit:

    1. Try to vary between fabrics and textures in your look. You could for example style a black mesh tee with some high waisted denim jeans with some black leather boots and a black linen blazer. 

    2. Black looks are definitely complimenting every body shape and size – but you must still remember to wear items that compliment your figure. Don’t wear black to hide your shape – be proud and show off what you’ve got and remember to always highlight the parts you love the most about yourself.

    3. I love to break up and all black look with a colourful lipstick, a sleek hairstyle or some statement jewellery. 

    Shop a look similar to mine here:

    Ways to break up your all-black outfit:

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    25th februar 2020