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    How to pack the perfect picnic basket

    “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, trees, people. I thought.. This is what it is to be happy!”

    For as long as I can remember, ever since I was a little girl my family and I have loved going on picnic’s together. For me that’s quality time when it’s best. It’s time we spend together without phones, being in the moment with each other and the nature.

    Every birthday I had as a child we went on a picnic with the grandparents and our closest friends and I loved it, and I must admit I am looking forward to one day taking my own family on a picnic.

    The boys used to go fishing. We went swimming, making bonfires and enjoying each others company outside whilst soaking up the danish summer sun. It’s one of my all time favourites summer activities with friends, family your partner and even with yourself (and a good book of course!)

    I do it countless of times during the summer, and through to warmer autumn days I love to picnic – yeah really whenever the weather is for it I love to pack a basket full of my favourite foods, homemade juices or a thermo cup with freshly made coffee. 

    My mum and I also often picnic in the garden if we’ve baked a cake. Then we just bring the blanket with us, some cups and sit outside whenever the weather allows it.

    This weekend my mother and I took my twin brother for a cosy picnic at our go-to secret picnic spot in the woods just by the water. The weather was just wonderful – perfect for a day spend outdoor. No wind, not too heavy sun and 23 degrees.

    PICNIC FOOD: When packing for the perfect picnic basket it’s all about your favourite food and what time of the day you are planning on going on a picnic. We went round lunch time, so we decided to pack fresh fruit, homemade sandwiches, wine, homemade rhubarb juice, pill yourself peas and some fruit. If we would have stayed longer I would have packed coffee and cake as well. 

    For the food, we always kept it simple but fun! It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can also get lots of good humus and already prepared carrot in most supermarkets which are made for picnics. 

    My mother and I love cooking and are both passionate about making everything we eat look as presentable and delicious as possible, so you can like us always incorporate a few special touches to make the meal more memorable.

    Here’s what we did:

    Our fridge is always full (thanks to my wonderful mother), so it’s never hard to freestyle a salad or a sandwich. We had most of what we needed for our picnic at home already – although the freshly baked focaccia buns we picked up the day. at our favourite local bakery, because we knew we wanted to bring them with us this weekend. 

    To make your picnic as cosy as possible may I suggest one or more of the following:

    1. Bring lots of cosy blankets

    2. Never forget a warm jumper

    3. Add some fresh mint and or fresh fruit to your juices

    4. Wrap the food nicely, it makes it look more presentable, and you therefor look more forward to enjoying it

    5. Bring a little speaker, so that you can play your favourite music

    I love these wooden picnic baskets! My mother and I have lots of them and we use them every time we go on a picnic. Here you see some of my favourites:

    Like I said when we pack for a picnic, we like it to be easy to make, easy to clean up and easy to eat outdoor.

    We wrapped our sandwiches in baking paper, it made them look super delicious and the paper is good to hold on when you eat it. 

    There’s a good argument to be made for investing in some reusable picnic dishes. I do like to use real glass, it’s just prettier but of course not as practical. Investing in some reusable dishes are for one, better for the environment and you can get some really nice unbreakable dishes in plastic, glass, or enameled metal that will look really classy. When it comes to utensils we bringing metal ones, because it’s better for the environment and for plates we use some cute wooden once.

    Don’t forget to pack any serving utensils you might need – such as a knife for any cutting and a bottle opener for your wine.

    “Life is like a sandwich – the more you add to it, the better it becomes”

    How to make our sandwiches: 
    We toasted the focaccia buns and applied butter on one side and mayo on the other. Added salat, red onion, serrano ham, avocado, tomatoes and salt and pebber. Simple, easy and super tasty!

    A few more picnic favourites:

    Don’t forget a cooling bag for your wine and other drinks and fruits to keep it cold and fresh for longer. For drinks we brought my favourite summer rose wine from Gallo Family, Egekilde sparking water and homemade rhubarb juice. 

    I hope you could find a bit of summery picnic inspiration. Wish you guys a lovely picnic <3 

    Lots of love your
    Isabella xxx

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    15th juli 2019



    This looks like the ultimate picnic! SO dreamy! Can I ask where are your basket bags from with the leather handles? xx

    I remember lots of my childhood summers spend at your parents. Having picnics with my favourite auntie and uncle, and later you and you brothers. I think that’s my best summer memory’s, well that and staying at our grandparents.
    Have a great summer dear.

    El post es genial, las fotos son preciosas
    Besos y te esperamos

    Nu bor jeg selv tæt på Sønderborg, så er lidt nysgerrig omkring hvilken bager i har købt brødet fra??