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    Interior planning for our new London apartment

    “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love!”

    All I can think about at the moment is our big move back to London. I feel like my work, blog and in general a big part of me have pressed the “pause” button, till we can finally move into our new flat on the 11th of September. I know that, that isn’t true, and that I am working hard on my new jewellery line, and that I every day do my best to keep the blog regularly updated with new inspirational posts, but since I know that I will be able to do a much better job when we finally take a break from traveling and living out of a suitcase it feels like I am currently living in a waiting bobble. It’s a strange feeling, but I am more ready than ever to start this new chapter of my life back in London hand in hand with the man of my dreams. The thing I am looking forward to more than anything is that I will finally be able to unpack all my clothes and belongings out of boxes. I know that a few days after moving and being able to call our new place “home”, I will feel like a new and better version of myself again.. 

    Then I can get back to being my creative self. It might take a little while to find that Isabella again – or maybe (hopefully) she will automatically appear as soon as I walk though the door to our new home.

    I have learned so much about myself from this past year. I now know that I can’t function without my own home and base. That is my root that keeps me zin, and if I don’t have that I struggle to keep in balance. 

    It’s been one crazy year with lots of traveling back and forth. Missing friends and family, but also a year where I have grown stronger and closer to the man I love more than anything. I now know that as long as we are together we can tackle everything life throw at us. It’s been a year I will never forget, traveling round the world with him.

    But now there’s other things on my mind than traveling – it’s finding myself and building up a warm, loving and happy home.

    In THIS blogpost, I showed you photos of our new apartment. (Or click HERE to see.) I am truly excited to decorate a new home again. The kitchen might be my least favourite place in our new apartment – but I love to take on a challenge, and I am sure I will make it look great with a few Isabella-touches. Haha

    In this post I have made some interior collages for you, with home interiors I am crushing on at the moment. I am obsessed with the new neutrals and nude colour palette. 

    August is always a great time for spotting new emerging trends as brands begin to release their autumn winter collection imagery, and i’m delighted to see that the soft, creamier colours that I have been falling in love with for the past many months are here to stay! These new interior trends makes me even more excited to start decorating our new place.

    My mother is super talented at interior design and I have always been admiring of how quick she is on picking up on all of these trends – not just interior, but also when it comes to fashion, garden and eyewear. 

    There’s something extremely relaxing and calming about these natural, warm and a bit yellow-based tones. Especially now since we are moving into my favourite season of the year: autumn, these colours are super dreamy. I can just imagine me sitting in my new living room surrounded by these tones with a good book in my hand, a cup of tea on the sofa table and candles lit in the window. Ahhhh!!! September – please come round soon..

    Especially H&M Home have released some amazing new images of their new Fall 2019 interior collection – and I am honestly in love. My good friend Diana took me into their interior flagstone shop in Stockholm last week, and I must say they have killed it this season. Lots of timeless designs, linen sheets, wooden details etc.

    Here you see some of my favourite pieces from H&M home, which I would love to invest in for our new flat:

    Neutral tones, expensive feel and timeless design..

    Another place I love to look for interior inspiration is Anthropologie. A shop I have fallen more and more in love with the past two years, since I discovered their shop in Chelsea close to my agency. Their design is different, at times very artsy with a trendy-retro touch which I love. I am strongly considering to purchase THIS stunning mirror from their website to place on top of our fireplace in our new apartment. (Find it HERE – or click on the mirror underneath for direct link.) I have wanted to buy it for 2 years now, so I think when we move into our new place, I might have to invest in it. What do you think?

    Here you see some of my favourite pieces from Anthropologie home, which I would love to invest in for our new flat:

    Are you too like me obsessed with interior? Then have a look, and follow me on my Pinterest board HERE. I daily post interior inspiration on my boards – so it’s a great place to find and save inspiration for your home.

    Lots of love
    Your Isabella xxx

    23rd August 2019