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    Jeans and high boots

    “Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dance on a windy day!”

    My angels! I am loving this week so far – I started my Monday the best way possible which have definently set me up for a great week. My friend Amy and I decided to join an intense Barre workout class in Parsons Green. It was so hard – but gosh it made me feel great afterwards. I have never joined a Barre class before, but it’s definitely not my last time. The time went super fast – and that’s the reason why I love joining classes for workout since it makes men push myself harder than if I just go to the gym myself. We then after that went for a cosy walk to Hally’s cafe for a well deserved coffee (My go-to coffee shop in London). I would love to kick start every week like that, so I am hoping Amy and I can make that a little Monday tradition to start the week with a hardcore workout, a lovely walk and a coffee at our favourite spot while we catch up about the week that have passed and what’s coming up. There’s nothing better than that!

    In this post you see my latest outfit – I have actually worn this look now almost 3 days in a row. Haha! It’s super comfortable, it’s styling and classic and a look great for London since it’s made for walking. I think you can tell that I am super excited to be back to layering looks again. I’ve always adored layering my looks – I feel like it’s great way to almost rock two looks in one.

    Shop similar products to the once I am wearing in this post by clicking on the products I have linked to below. (By clicking on the image – it will take you straight to the product.):

    I love blazers – both long and short once, but the last couple of weeks I have especially been crushing on the more oversized or the short and fitted once. With these jeans and boots combination I think the short blazer is the best option – so the long blazer doesn’t down me, since the jeans also have a loose fit it’s for me better to have a fitted top to balance it out. I then layered my look by adding a longer blazer (but still with a fitted shape) to help keep me warm, since the temperature here in London have dropped quite a bit over the past two weeks.

    Today I have a few meetings round London, plus I am trying to organise and film a couple of styling Videos for you angels. If you want to stay up to date with my Styling videos – then I always share them on my YouTube channel. Find it HERE.

    Here I have linked to a few of my favourite blazers from this season:

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    30th October 2019