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Columbia Road

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Yet another look from my all time favorite place: Columbia Rd. I’m so mad at my self for being too busy to post these images with you before now. Finally today was the day, and sadly it’s because I’m forced to lay in bed because I’ve got a terrible cold. The pictures could easily have been shot a few minutes ago, because the weather today is just as gorgious as it was when we shot these pictures. An all white or an all black outfit will in my opinion never go out of fashion!
I really hope that after I’ve had a nap I can force my body to get out of bed, grab a takeaway coffee and go for a long beautiful walk and enjoy the amazing weather.




London Fashion Week have officially started, and I am so sad I can’t be out shooting today. I have the last two days been shooting images for Time Out London and ASOS. I think it’s my body telling me I need to relax and not just ignore all the signals it’s sending me. 
I have a few month ago dropped out of Bloggers Delight, the blog commutiny I am in, so by the end of this month a lot of super exciting and big changes are going to happen! I just can not wait. I look forward to tell you way more about it and show you how beautiful and more professional my blog is going to look like. So many exciting things are happing lately!

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ISABELLA -AmberRosePhotography 75

Pictures by Amber Rose

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