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    Monday thoughts from dreamland


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    Happy Monday my angels! Welcome to my new blog layout. I have been waiting to announce it for a while now, but I haven’t been happy with it till now, which is why I haven’t shared the news before today.

    There is still a few exciting small changes to come, and I am still learning how to set up the new blogposts, but I have accepted that it will take some time, so I hope you will be patience with me. I am thrilled it’s finally up and running again since I had to hold back with posting for a while, so I am glad to be back to regular posting. Yayyyy! And belive me – there’s lots to come..

    It will hopefully only get better and I am currently trying to go back through every single blogpost I’ve ever written to add it to different categories, so it will get easier for you guys to navigate and look back though older posts for inspiration, travel tips, outfit posts etc. I’ve though the years written more than 3.000 blogposts (wow Isabella!) so it will take me some time to go through them all and place them in new categories, BUT every time I get wifi here in Norway I am trying my best to work on it.

    It feels so amazing being on the road and not having to worry about anything else but putting all my thought and hard work into growing and sharing the best content I possibly can here on the blog, my Instagram and my other social media platforms.

    Being able to live in the moment with the man I love, and exploring new parts of the world I have never seen before. Every day we wake up we don’t know when or where we will wake up the next day. It’s a time of our life we will never forget, so I am doing my best to relax in it and telling myself it’s okay to be a bit confused at times. I don’t have to worry or have it all figured out. The best times are often the most spontaneous.

    Constantly being on the road can be really tiring, and it might take my man and I some time till we find a rhythm and learn how to relax in this new way of living. Coffee shops have become our new office and every day we sleep in a new bed, but since we are together it still feels like home. I feel safe with him, and that’s all that matters!


    Our Norway adventure is and will always be very special to us. It’s the first trip on our new way of living, and getting to travel round Norway for 3 weeks with our best friends is a big gift and something I will forever be grateful for.   

    Our best friends Elvin and Bulet have lived on the road for 3 years. They run an awesome and big Youtube channel in Turkey, that takes them all over the world. I don’t know if that’s something I could do for that long, but I find it very inspiring to hear and learn from them. See how hard they work and how grateful they are for being able to do what they love and share the experiences together. They are truly worth a follow and also run a big and inspiring instagram account. Follow them here: @Elvin & @Bulent. You can also find their Youtube channel: HERE.

    I know that at some point I will want to find a base. Figure out where I belong and build up a loving beautiful home with Fergus. Where it’s going to be is the big question, but I think this new journey my partner and I have started will lead us there.. 

    Lots of love from snowy Norway          
    Your Isabella

    18th marts 2019