A little glimpse into my daily life

    Mummy I am thinking about you

    “We laugh, We cry. We make time fly. We are best friends, my mother and I!”

    Hi my angels! I know that this time is not the easiest for many families out there.. Many cannot be with their families, and I get it – it’s super difficult! I cant be with mine either, but I am lucky to be in a position where I have my partners wonderful family around me, and they are my family, and the greatest support. They are always cheerful and happy, which every day puts me in a positive and happy mood. They are all hardworking and driven people like my own family, which is a great motivation these days. It keeps me distracted and on my toes. But although I have them I still miss my parents and two brothers more than ever.

    I hope that in a couple of months I am able to fly back to Denmark to see my family, but who knows?! No one knows yet when we are going to be able to travel again.. Luckily my family and I are really good at stating in touch, and I am trying to call or FaceTime them at least once a day. Today I made a coffee and went outside and sat on a bench in the garden with a blanket wrapped around me, and my mother did the same in Denmark! It was so cosy, and it made me realise how lucky we are, that we have the opportunity to call and FaceTime our close friends and family doing these times. I also call my close friend Amy every day on FaceTime, and then we do a workout together – I “see” her way more now than I used to when we were both in London, which is wonderful. I will try to keep this up when everything goes back to normal again, because it keep me so much happier.. Staying in touch with your loved once is the best feeling in the whole world. To feel that you are  there to listen and cheer one other up is the greatest award there is.. Love you all, and I hope you are stating in touch with your family and friends too doing these hard times! 

    Lots of love your Isabella xx

    20th March 2020