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    My favourite go-to hair salon in London

    “Life is too short to have boring hair!”

    For years I have searched and searched to find “my” hairdresser. Meaning that it have been a crazy journey for me trying out various of hair salons to finally one year ago I found my go-to place in the talented Michael Van Clarke salon in London. I was so happy! I had finally found “my place”. A place that I can not wait to go back to again and again, because I know I can completely relax in the hands of the talented team.

    I have struggled find a salon for years because of all my travel, moving back and fourth etc. But now I have finally learned that it’s worth to wait and always go back to the one place that you love, which in my case is Michael Van Clarke hair in Marylebone. 

    Not only is the salon incredibly beautiful, but the moment you step through that door you feel like you’ve stepped into a dream world and you are warmly received by the wonderful Van Clarke team. 

    “Would you like anything to drink my love” is always the first question I am asked, and oh yes – and my angels do yourself the favour not to drink a Pret coffee before coming here, because here they have a lovely café there makes the most delicious healthy juices, coffee’s and smoothies you can enjoy while you have your treatment done whilst flicking though the newest Interior and Fashion Magazines.

    Last week I went to London I went back to Michael Van Clarke Salon to treat my hair to some very needed love after a rough three months of traveling. My hair was in serious need for some care, especially the month in Hawaii was hard on my hair because of all the sun and salt water – but I knew I was in the right place, so I could just fully relax and enjoy my needed appointment.

    The lovely Summer Langton helped me improve my hair quality and condition, she did a simple cut and finish to bring the life back, and wow I can both see and feel a tremendous difference.

    When it comes to my colour I tend to get a full head of highlights every other time with a natural blond and then finish off with a warmer toner to give it some glow and warmth. I prefer my blond to be a bit warmer than too cold, since I feel like it matches my face tones more, and when it’s a bit warmer it tend to look a bit healthier. 

    Here’s a few tips on how I keep my hair healthy:
    1. I always make sure to cut my split ends every 3-4 weeks
    2. I use a hair mask at least once a week (I have been Michael Van Clarke’s incredible live saviour mask called: “3 more inches” (Added a link to the mask HERE.) I have been using it for about a year now – and it is without doubt my ALL TIME favourite.. After just the first treatment you can feel and see a massive difference.) Will also add a link to below this text for you to check out, if you want.
    3. When I use my hair mask I apply it whilst my hair is dry, and then leave I in over night, and then when I shower in the morning I wash it out while giving myself a little scalp massage. Days where I am a bit busy I apply it before I go for a run or to the gym, or just let it sit in for as long as I can. I LOVE to multitask and feel that I get the most out of all my time, and in this way you treat yourself to gorgeous hair at the same time as you take care of your body and mind – win, win.
    4. I love a hair massage, and have started to give myself a 5 minute scalp massage every night before I go to bed, and I’ve become a bit addicted to it. I know it might sounds a bit strange, but honestly guys try and give it a go. It helps to calm you down and it stimulate hair growth.
    5. Every time I wash my hair I use a good conditioner. I use the Michael Van Clarke products linked below – when I use them I feel like just came back from the hairdresser.
    6. Try to wash your hair just once or twice a week. I’ve got really good at this, and the last couple of days where your hair gets a bit flat and boring I fresh it up with a bit or dry shampoo and style my hair up in a bun.

    Here you see the beautiful result from my last visit. My hair is glowing and I’ve got that healthy shine back. I adore my hair now, since it looks really healthy and natural which is always the most important for me.

    Below you see the shampoo and conditioner I use (click on products for direct link):

    Lots of love your girl Isabella xxx

    1st august 2019