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    Nothing beats the feeling of coming home

    Good morgen my wonderful followers! What an amazing day waking up in wonderful Denmark; Sønderborg. I haven’t been home since  Christmas.

    It’s impossible for me to put into words how good it feels to be back home with my family. These photographs are from my day yesterday. I had such a great day and haven’t stopped hugging my parents since I got through the door. 

    Yesterday morning my parents had to work – and so did I, so we all woke up early. One thing I miss the most about being home is our cosy mornings together. No matter how busy we are, we always make sure to have a slow morning with a good healthy breakfast. It’s my favourite family tradition. Every morning and every evening we have dinner together. In that way we always know what everyone is up to, how we are feeling and sets everyone up for a good day. 

    Yesterday morning I took time to do my favourite facemask whilst I was replying to emails. It’s the: Resurfacing Mask from Tata Marper. I bought mine from Cult Beauty.

    I started using Tata Harper’s products half a year ago or so, and I have been SO happy with the results. I actually went to a workshop with Tata Harper last summer with Cult Beauty where I met Tata herself. She talked us through how to use her products, and what they do for your skin. It’s wonder products, and I don’t know what I would do without them anymore. I use the Resurfacing Serum morning and night and I dream to purchase the Cleanser and the Rebuilding Moisturizer one day too.

    Already after first use of the Resurfacing Mask you will see a massive difference. (I have linked to the mask HERE.) 

    It’s super easy to use, it improves the overall appearance by liberating the surface of dead, dull and damaged cells. It’s also brilliant for improving the appearance of scars and uneven skin tone. I struggle with uneven skintone, and this mask have massively helped me. It gives immediate glow. You apply a thin layer of the mask on a clean face. Then leave the mask on for about 25 minutes and rinse off with hot water. You will straight after feel how soft and hydrated your skin is!

    One thing I always miss when I am away is all the hours my family and I love to spend together outside on the terrace, overlooking the sea. The weather is magical – Spring is officially here and the garden smells incredible of fresh flowers and newly cut grass. 
    I am enjoying a good cup of coffee and catching up with my favourite Danish magazines.

    10 things I love the most about spring

    1. Waking up to the birds singing
    2. Being able to switch up your wardrobe with more summery and colorful pieces
    3. Sitting outside without freezing
    4. Switching from hot coffee to iced
    5. Watching the gorgeous cherry blossoms
    6. Everyone is more happy and doing things outdoors
    7. Going on cosy picnics
    8. It’s more bright outside for longer
    9. Ice cream season starts – wuhuu!
    10. It’s nicer to run and go for long walks

    This morning I went to a local farm with my mother to buy some organic fruits and farm chicken for tonights dinner. When I used to live here, this is where I did all my meet and fruit shopping. It’s the most adorable place, and I hope I will get to share a blogpost about this place before I am off again.

    Now we are going to bake a delicious brownie which my mum and used to bake for years. I will do a blogpost about it, so you angels have the recipe as well. You will love it – we always enjoy to have a small piece of with our afternoon coffee. Yummy

    Later today my mum and I are going to have some quality time together. We are going on a little picnic in the woods, which I am really looking forward to, and might have to bring a slice of the homemade brownie (or two).

    Sending you a big hug from here!

    Your Isabella xx


    6th april 2019