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    My angels! I just got back to London from an adventurous last minute trip to one of my favourite travel destinations ever: Lofoten in Norway. It’s not even long time ago since we were there last time. We went there last winter, so just under 6 months ago, and it was without doubt on of the best trips of our lives. 

    A lot of people asked us back then “Why Lofoten?”, and it’s actually a good question, because it might not be peoples first choice when they are wondering where to travel to on their holiday. It’s hard to get there, and it is (of course depending on the season) but not cheap to get there either..

    Fergus and I just really wanted to do and see something new and different. We’ve both been to Spain, Italy, France etc. lots of times, and I’ve been traveling a lot in Norway with my family as a child, but only for skiing, so I said to him – why don’t we try and explore more of Scandinavia. Since I am from Denmark and always miss my home and Scandinavian roots, I thought that by exploring Norway it could somehow make it feel a bit like home. I have always loved Norway and I have dreamed of going back there to hike and explore for years. Fergus thought it was a great idea – and so the research began.

    My man luckily like me loves to be active and outdoor, and he found some unique spots in Lofoten for Hikes, cross country skiing, aortic surfing etc. and the moment we started to google about where to go and we saw the nature photography and searched deeper into what Lofoten had to offer, then there wasn’t one second of doubt – we HAD to go there, to see and experience the nature ourselves.

    Lofoten is THE most stunning and unique place I have ever been. It’s the closes I’ve ever felt to the nature. It’s very raw in a beautiful way there is hard to describable unless you’ve been there yourself. Every time I try to explain Lofoten to anyone I want to take the first flight back. It’s has not got a big place in our hearts, because we have made some unforgettable memories there with best friend and each other. I saw the first shooting star of my life here (and every time we go there, I see a new one!), and it was doing our first trip together to Norway that we both saw The Northern Lights together. Hiked in the middle of the night to make a bonfires in the snow, to watch the stars and Northern Lights dance on the sky above us.. Yes – we’ve made some unforgettable memories, that I will never ever forget..

    The place we stayed both last time and this time was at Nusfjord Arctic Resort. It is one of my favourite hotels in Lofoten. Last time we only got to spend one night here – which was far from enough, so we felt extremely happy that we this time had almost one week at Nusfjord.

    Nusfjord is also one of the most wonderful and unique places that I have ever stated, which such an exciting history it makes the experience feel so real and gives your stay a deeper meaning and understanding of Lofoten’s impressive history. 

    It says that the first people came to Lofoten over 7,000 years ago. During the Stone Age where people made a living out of fishing and hunting. I can’t believe how they could survive back then with these cold temperatures. Doing winter it can get down to almost -30 to -40 degrees. Lofoten is today known for their amazing fish which they sell to countries all round the world, and the country boing the most fish from Lofoten is actually Italy. They are famous for their scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks perfect for hiking. Their open sea and sheltered bays for fishing and arctic surfing. Stunning beaches and untouched lands. 

    Both my man and I had the cod  of our lives here – and would come back just for that. The fishing in Lofoten is world-known, and that is why Nusfjord exist. It used to be where the fishermen lived at worked because just outside Nusfjord doing the seasons you get a high quantity and quality of fish swimming around. January is known as being the kick-off season for cod, February, March and April are considered the main months for this amazing experience, which draws fishermen and spectators from all over the world.

    When we first arrived at Nusfjord and I got to hear about the history of this place it blew me away. Lofoten’s history as you might now by now revolves around fish, haha! The fishing villages like Nusfjord were hubs for travelling fishermen from all over Norway that left their wives and kids at home to come here to try their luck. Life was harsh back then, and life in the small red cabins. were mostly about surviving and catching enough fish to pay off dept and feed the families.

    We travel very often with our close friends Elvin and Bulent. They are just as active, spontaneous, happy and crazy like us – so we all travel very well together. Having them to share the memories with makes it all even more special! We have had some crazy adventures together the past 1 1/2 year, and I know we have MANY more to come.

    The charming red cabins are where you sleep, and have been renovated into the cutest and most styling cabins with stunning Scandinavian interior design with heating, big slowers etc. and it’s almost hard to get your head around how the fisherman could survive sleeping in this cabins with no heating in their cold and wet clothes. The fisherman that were in debt weren’t even allowed inside the cabins – they had to sleep outside in the cold underneath the boats.. Yes it was tough back then, and I find is fascinating staying a place like this full of so much history.

    On Nusfjords website it says that in the early 1900s, Nusfjord saw its population grow to more than 1500 people during the fishing season. Staying in the cabins just Fergus and I, and walking around the harbour today it’s hard to believe the amount of people living here, not to mention the more than 600.000 fish that hung all around the fjord.

    Every morning here always starts out the best way possible with a yummy Norwegian breakfast. Fresh fish, fruit, soft boiled eggs, cheese good filter coffee and much more. The atmosphere is super cosy (or as us Danish people would say) really Hygge! Candles on every table and the best view of the harbour just outside the windows! 

    What an amazing stay at one of my ALL time dream travel destinations. If you are wondering where to go on your next holiday – then why not try something different like we did. I promise that if you go here, you will not regret it. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

    (Thank you so much Nusfjord for yet an unforgettable experience! We can not wait to be back soon again..)

    Lots of love 

    Your Isabella xxx

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    12th oktober 2019



    Lovely photos! It looks like a beautiful place. I’ma new reader – do you link to your outfits? I’d love to know where that grey coat is from!!