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    Picnic with the parents

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    My angels! Today is a very special day – it’s my wonderful and multi talented mothers birthday. She is my inspiration and best friend. Every day I am grateful for the relationship we have, and I never take that or her for granted. 

    I am sad since I don’t get to spend the day with her, but I feel so very lucky for having been here in Denmark for 8 days now with her and the rest of my family. I always feel so grateful for being able to do what I love the most and do it from where ever I like. My job makes it possible for me to see my family when ever I need, because I can take my blog with me where ever I go.

    Denmark/home is and will always be my preferred place to work, because every time I am home I can fully relax, I am full of happiness and joy since I am back with my partens and two brothers and it’s easier to think and be creative since being home gives me more headspace.

    Today is also the day where I leave my family and fly to Ibiza with one of my all time go-to beauty brands; Rituals

    Last weekend my parents and I went for a super cosy picnic to a place my mother and I always love to go together when I am back in Denmark. It is our little “escape” place. Like you can see on these photographs it’s always stunning and peaceful – pure mindfulness for the soul. Sitting here on the bench with a good cup of coffee looking out, you can’t help but appreciating life and the fact that we have each other for good and bad.

    Sat here smiling from cheek to cheek looking at this happy photograph I shot of my mum and dad <3

    Since my brothers and I were kids my family have loved going on picnics when the weather allows it. Every birthday my twinbrother and I always invited our closes friends and grad mother on a picnic by the water. This place is by Sandbjerg Gods and is now used for hosting different courses, but it’s open for the public, so you can go for cosy walks and picnics here.

    My outfit couldn’t have been more suitable for the sunny weather. I’m wearing the new fluffy cardigan which I showed you in yesterday’s blogpost. Paired with my new comfy trousers (Find my trousers HERE.) and my fedora hat to protect my face from the sun. Then twisted my hair into two buns for a cute and different look.

    Everything you will need to pack for the perfect picnic:

    1. One or two cosy blankets. One to sit on and one to throw over you if you feel cold.

    2. A good happy mood, your favourite book or a little notebook.

    3. Warm drinks or wine – whatever you prefer.

    4. Wipes and trash bags for cleaning up after your picnic.

    5. A jumper to thrown on if you get cold

    6. Bottle opener, cooler or thermos to keep your drinks warm

    7. A cap or hat to protect your face from the sun.

    8. Your all time favourite food and snacks.

    9. Cutleries, plates and glasses

    15th april 2019



    Kære Isabella !
    Jeg er en trofast og mangeårig læser og genkender din kærlighed til din mor og synes faktisk også altid den har været at finde på din blog. Noget jeg desuden holder meget af, sådan helt generelt ved din blog: kærligheden og varmen som selv er til stede i indlæg hvor du beskriver svære livs-perioder.
    Nå, men faktisk ville jeg egentlig bare høre til, om du har nogle særlig gode gave-forslag, hvis man som dig sætter meget stor pris på sin mor og ønsker at vise dette – fx i forbindelse med en fødselsdag (eller mors-dag, som er lige om hjørnet) ?

    Alt det bedste
    Camilla Kirstine

    El post es precioso y las fotos geniales
    Besos y te esperamos