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    Red twirling dress made for dancing

    “There is a shade of red for every woman!”

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    When it comes to my wardrobe I have for as long as I remember been obsessed with red, and especially red dresses. I feel confident and powerful when I walk down the street wearing a red dress. For me there’s nothing more beautiful than when I see a confident woman, and this dress makes me feel exactly like that – like 1 million dollars! It’s not often I buy something and I feel immediately wowed. This dress is a winner for my self-esteem, and we all deserve to feel like that.

    I got this beauty a couple of weeks back because Fergus and I had a wedding coming up, and I am a big lover for both long sleeves and the wrap detail – so to me this dress have got everything I dream and adore about a dress. It’s comfortable, flattering, soft, eye catching and made for dancing! 

    I got it from Nastygal for just 30 pounds. In my eyes it looks very expensive, so when I saw the prize I knew I had to get it straight away before it got sold out, AND I am so glad I did!

    Find my red dress: HERE

    Over the last couple of years I have learned what type of dresses that suits by body shape the most, and makes me feel more confident – this dress does that for me. I’ve actually got a black dress very similar to this one which I’ve almost worn out, since I wear it every summer and love it so much. I therefor new this one would make me feel the exact same way.

    This weekend I styled the dress with a pair of black simple stiletto heels, a very simple and elegant makeup and matched the look with my classy black YSL bag. 

    I will wear this dress again and again both for events and for everyday. It’s easy to dress up and down. I will this week try and pair it with some white Converse and a bamboo shopper bag and a matching bakerboy hat for a more casual spring touch.

    One thing I also love about this dress is the look my man had in his eyes when he looked at me wearing it this weekend. That’s priceless and one thing that will make me wear it again and again!

    Lots of love your girl
    Isabella xxx

    4th April 2019