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    Summer avocado salat recipe

    “You can’t make everyone happy – you are not avocado!”

    In my opinion nothing beats a healthy, tasty and easy summer salad. This one is fresh because of the dill, prawns and spring onion. I love the fact that it’s filling and that you at the same time can enjoy every mouthful of it without having to feel bad. 

    You only need a few ingredients and if you desire you can serve it with fish as well or fresh toasted bread with olive oil & flaky salt. We had it without, and I loved it, and I didn’t feel like it needed more – it was delicious just like that and because of the pearled spelt very filling.

    This salad has the perfect balance of freshness and sour with the homemade dressing! You will love it.

    All you need:
    100g pearled spelt
    200g. small prawns
    3-4 perfectly ready to eat avocados (save one to add on top of the salad) I love it with lots of avocados
    4 rods of spring onions
    Salt & pepper
    1 dill 
    Olive oil
    1 Lime

    Rinse the pearl spelt in cold water in a sieve and cook it for approx. 10 minutes in lightly salted water. When it’s boiled let it soak for 5 minutes and dispose of the excess water. Put your pearl spelt in a bowl and let it cool down. While it cools off, cut your avocados into cubes. (Remember to save an entire avocado for decoration).

    Cut the spring onions into small pieces and then remove the water from your prawns.

    Now it’s time to make your salad dressing:
    3 big table spoons of olive oil
    1 tsk of honey
    1 1,5 vinegar (we used apple vinegar)
    1 dill plant chopped (save a bit for decoration)
    Salt and pepper – taste and see how much you feel for.

    Mix it all together and it’s ready.

    When your pearl spelt is cold you can add your avocados, prawns and spring onion. Add some lemon to the salad (will help the avocado to keep it green color).

    Add the dressing and gentry mix it all together, and add more salt (might need a little bit) and pepper if you feel like it.

    Decorate your salat with dill, avocados and add some toasted pignolias nuts. There you go guys – easy, healthy and delicious summer salad! Serve it with a good glass of white wine or some fresh rhubarb juice.

    Let me know how you like it! Lots of love your 
    Isabella xx

    11th juli 2019