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    Sunrise Shack North Shore

    “You’ll find me chasing the sun!”

    My angels! It’s time for another travel tip from our stay on the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We loved our month on the North Shore, it was full of adventure, exciting new work decisions and relaxation with friends. I think back on our trip to the North Shore daily, and I must say I miss the chilled and relaxing North Shore vibes. 

    Thinking back on our trip to Oahu the one place that pops up in my memory straight away is our favourite bullet coffee place: Sunrise Shack

    Sunrise Shack is a small yellow shack right across the road from Sunset Beach. It is the cutest spot for breakfast. Fergus and I loved staring our day here. Every morning we work up we smiled at each other knowing we would walk here. Almost every day for a month our day started at this charming little shack with a yummy bullet coffee (our favourite is the turmeric one, it really kickstarts your day the right way. It gives you such a boost, lots of brain power, and you can almost instantly feel that it work!)

    It was my first time getting introduced to bullet coffee, and now when I have felt the benefits I am so excited to move into our new apartment in London here I every morning will make it for Fergus and I. A bulletproof coffee have been round for years and years, but it’s not till a couple of years ago it became more “well know” and seen as a the healthy benefit it really is and it is scientifically proven that it makes your brain work smarter and faster.

    A few reasons why you should try a bulletproof coffee, if you haven’t already:

    1. It improves mood and feeling of general well-being by increasing testosterone 

    2. Increases energy by combining the effect from the caffeine and high-powered fats

    3. Impacts weight loss and kick start your metabolism with the linoleic acid from grass-fed butter

    4. Fires up brainpower 

    5. Improves strength by increasing lean muscle mass with testosterone combining healthy fats

    For health reasons it’s best to have the bullet coffee’s on it’s own, so we would wait a couple of hours after we’ve had our bullets coffee before we then had a late breakfast, since the bullet coffee’s are super filling and can keep you going sometimes for hours. 

    The açai bowls here are delicious, our personal favourites are the regular açai bowl with almond butter – yummy! I could honestly have that all day every day.. They pay a lot of attention to details – all of their food look delicious and you can tell they are made with love. They also serve fresh papaya bowls – which I din’t try but they looked yummy.

    The Sunrise Shack is a popular little spot on the North Shore, and lots of people drive hours to get here – we were lucky to live right next door to this place, and loved every day having a fun chat with the lovely girls working there! Miss their chilled vibe and always bubbly happy mood. All the girls there were so passionated about there work and loved to chat to us every time we came there, which made us feel so happy and welcome. 

    It’s also hard to find wifi on the North Shore, and since every morning Fergus and I woke up, we were always one day behind with our work (because of the 11 hours time difference), so Sunrise Shack was our morning ritual for Wifi and bullet coffee.

    If you come to Oahu and visit the North Shore or Honolulu, then make sure to step by the Sunrise Shack. The charming little oasis will with it’s yellow colour, fun signs, beautiful view on the greenery and the mountains in the background, the happy staff, the delicious coffee and refreshing açai bowls put a BIG smile on your face.

    It has a very authentic, charming and relaxing vibe here. They also put on live music sometimes doing the weekends, so you can end up spending hours here – and then when you feel too hot, you can just cross the street and jump straight into the beautiful weather on Sunset Beach. (One of my favourite beaches on The North Shore.)

    Be aware of the funny wild chickens roaming round your feet, they are harmless and add to that whole North Shore vibe.

    I hope you love this place as much as we do. 

    Biggest hug your Isabella 

    Miss you guys, and especially you, Victoria xxx

    26th juli 2019



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    Que fotos más bonitas y que sitio—es maravilloso
    Besos y te esperamos

    These are so so beautiful! Always love seeing snaps from your adventures! x

    Hvor ser det dejligt ud ! Jeg har ingen erfaringer med bulletproof kaffe, men vil vældig gerne prøve det. der findes mange måder at lave det på. Har du en god opskrift eller tip?

    “Scientifically proven” is a bit of an overstatement 🙂
    While all of the ingredients have been studied on their own with mixed results, bulletproof coffee as its own entity has zero large-scale human studies supporting its benefits. A simple PubMed search will show you.
    On the contrary, bulletproof coffee is very high in saturated fat, and adding large amounts of it to coffee may be damaging to long-term health and raise cholesterol. Furthermore, bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement does not provide all the nutrients a person needs. While grass-fed butter contains some CLA, butyrate, and vitamins A and K2, MCT oil is a refined and processed fat with virtually no essential nutrients. Yes, it is super filling and keeps you going for hours, but that makes sense as you just consumed 400-500 kcal in one drink.
    Drink it if you enjoy the flavor, not for its alleged health effects.