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    The most delicious homemade plum jam recipe you will make again and again

    “The secret ingredient is always – love!”

    Yay guys, we are Jammin! The mood is high, I am back home and it’s time to cook my all time favourite recipes. 

    I feel so lucky to have been growing up with my mothers flavourful and super delicious homemade jams. We never bought jam from the supermarket – not even when we were children. My mother is born and raised on the countryside and grew up by her parents growing all their own fruits and veggies, and her mother always made everything from scratch. My mother is the same, and I inspire to be the same one day.

    Today I want to share with you our easy and super tasty homemade plum marmelade. A recipe there’s so easy and delicious I know you will keep making it again and again – like we do.

    One of summer’s biggest pleasures, for me, is getting to bite into an extra-juicy and slightly crunchy plum in peak season picked straight from the three in our garden. Just any fruit you can pick from your own garden is a dream, and one day I will have to own a garden like my parents.

    Jams are always a great way of getting the most use of the fruit you grow, especially since we hate throwing out food and a jar of homemade jam is always a great host present for friends and family, if you have any event or summer parties.

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    All you need for 5 jars of marmelade: 

    1,5 kg fresh plums

    650-750g sugar (make sure not to add all at once, so start with adding 600g and see how much more it needs. Some times it needs more, we tend to use 650g – but it also depends on how mature your plums are)

    1 stick of fresh vanilla 

    1,5 dl water

    4 slices of lime and a bit of lime juice

    2 tsk melatin (to help give your jam the right texture)

    What to do, step by step:

    Start by cleaning your jar glasses. Even if they are new you always have to do these simple steps:
    1. Boil some water and pour it into your jars. 
    2. Shake Atamon round your jars – this will keep it fresh for longer. 

    When your glasses are ready, you can start cleaning your plums. Remove the stone and cut them into 4.

    Put your plums into a big pot and add your water and the fresh vanilla. Make sure to take out all the vanilla, and spread the vanilla with a bit of sugar and add to your plums. Add your lemon slices you’ve cut in 4. Cut your vanilla stick into 4 and add to the pot as well – this will give it a great taste. 

    After 5 minutes of boiling add your sugar, and leave to boil for another 10 minutes.

    After the 10 minutes add the melatin that you’e quickly mixed with a bit of sugar, and leave boiling for another 2 minutes.

    Your jam is now ready – but before pouring them into your jars taste it to see if you are happy with the flavour and add a squeeze of lemon juice (this helps give the jam a more clear colour).

    Your jam is now ready to get poured into your jars, and gosh I wish you could smell the plums and vanilla marmalade through the screen! I am so excited to eat it on a homemade bun later this afternoon and for breakfast in the morning.. Yummy

    Enjoy it on top of your favourite freshly baked bread, scones or on top of yoghurt or yummy chia puddings. You can use it for so many things, and even on top of vanilla ice cream with fresh berries for a yummy summer dessert!

    I hope you’ll love this mouthwatering delicious marmalade as much as we do.. But let me warn you – it’s addictive.

    Lots of love your
    Isabella xxx

    6th august 2019