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    The must have leather blazer

    “With good basics you’ll have endless options!”

    It took me years to realise that keeping your wardrobe classic with a good solid selection of high quality basic and timeless pieces is a must! I will rather have less but then have good quality items I can wear again and again and easily mix and match and dress up and down for many different events. It’s more sustainable, and I don’t spend way less time in the morning getting dressed, because pretty much everything I have in may wardrobe goes together.

    My wonderful mother tried to teach me the importance of a classic wardrobe for years and years – but hey, as kids it’s our job not to listen right? We always need to figure things out ourselves, and I finally did. Haha – Mum you were right (but you are always right.. You are not only my hero but also my style icon!)

    It’s actually very simple to build up a basic wardrobe full of classic essentials, but one thing I realised is that it takes time.. I like to invest in more high end pieces I know will last me a lifetime, and that’s why I will rater safe up and know that I sped my money wisely on pieces there will last. It also need to be 100% the right style and fit – otherwise I don’t want to purchase it, so I am quite picky when I go shopping – but I do think that’s a good thing. 

    Here’s a list of essential items you need in your closet:

    1. A good white shirt. I actually love to buy mine vintage, because I adore the oversize fit and then they come with shoulder pads as well – win, win!

    2. A pair of well fitted jeans – your own preferred shape and colour. I love a good pair of Vintage Levi’s jeans in a regular light blue denim colour and then a pair of skinny jeans in both black and dark grey. These are a definite must have for me. It took me more than 2 years to find the perfect Levi’s jeans in a vintage store – but when I finally found them, then it’s love at first sight.

    3. A black blazer. They go with everything! I wear mine almost daily, and I own one in both beige, dark grey, cream and light green. They are timeless, classic and easy to dress up and down. I also often wear mine with a dress when I go out with Fergus or for events.

    4. A good selection of basic t-shirts and tops in black, grey and white. Again they are a lifesaver, and can be work with and under everything.

    5. Roll neck jumpers – another obsession of time! I adore a roll neck jumper, and I also wear them in on colder summer days with a skirt or denim shorts.

    6. Black ankle boots that you can pair with both your jeans, skirt and dresses. Boots both suitable for spring, summer and winter.

    7. A classic and timeless leather jacket – MUST have! 

    Especially the last 2 years I’ve become very aware of what I buy, and more importantly how much I buy. Being self employed and having to do my taxes myself and go though every single transfer I do every day for a year can be hard. – I definitely spend more money on coffee than what good is, but hey that’s a different story. 

    BUT if something woke me up, it was that! Also getting older and realising there are way more important things than constantly shopping the newest trends. I will rather spend money on a good dinner out with my girlfriends, my daily barre class or safe up to start my own jewellery business (which is what I am working on at the moment), OR a holiday with my man. 

    That’s also why a classic wardrobe is important for me – because it’s items there always will be in-fashion.

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    25th February 2020