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    The perfect vintage Levis jeans

    “I like the sort of nothingness of the jeans and the shirt”

    My dearest followers! A little sunny outfit post this gorgeous sunny day from the vibrant and oldest district of the city Gastown, Vancouver. 

    Fergus and I have been wandering round Gastown the last two days, and we are absolutely loving it here! There are so many things to do in Gastown from shopping, coffee shop jumping (which you guys know is my all time favourite sport – I am allowed to call it that right? haha), lots of yummy brunch places, sightseeing etc.

    If you are looking to spend one day whole wandering round Vancouver, I highly recommend a visit to this vibrant district. It is a must visit area and has my name written all over it. It brought a lot of good memories back of walking round similarly charming streets, as I daydreamed back to my first time moving to London and discovering East London with my vintage camera in hand. Gastown is very edgy and reminds me a lot of Shoreditch area in London.

    Also, Gastown is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods of downtown Vancouver. Here you will find cobbled streets, an old Steam Clock, vintage lampposts and an endless supply of cool, independent shops. 

    I am a big supporter of independent shops – especially being born into a family with their own successful Optician Shop, I know how much dedication and hard work that goes into it. Therefore, I also always try to visit independent coffeeshops and cafes instead of chains – if I have the choice of course.

    In Gastown you will find some chic clothing stores, interior shops AND more importantly Vintage stores! Wup wuppp… My all time biggest passion (after independent coffee shop hunting of course) is finding the best vintage shops wherever I go. Every morning Fergus and I walked to Gastown for brunch at our favourite coffee shop: Nelson The Seagull – and right next to it I stumbled across the most adorable vintage store called: 
    Community Thrift And Vintage. Here I found THE perfect Vintage Levi’s jeans. 

    For weeks now I have been telling Fergus how much I would love to find a new pair of Vintage Levi’s, since I had to (reluctantly) throw out my old pair after they got too worn out. 

    Those of you who love vintage jeans as much as I do know how very hard they are to find, especially in the colour you like and the right length and size. I tried them on and straight away I knew – these were mine..

    As I sit here in the beautiful sunshine, I can safely say, you can easily spend a whole day shopping and browsing around Gastown, and I suggest you do!

    I have way more to tell you about Gastown, and Vancouver in general and planning to share a Vancouver travel guide blogpost with you angels within the next couple of days including tips on where to go, what to see, what coffee shops you must visit etc. 

    Lots of love from your happy little Dane with new jeans! Wuhuu xxx


    30th maj 2019



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