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    Tips on how to start painting

    “Painting for me is the best way to keep sane!”

    The best thing that have come out of being in quarantine so far is the fact that I have gotten back into painting. It wasn’t until I sad down with the water colours and the pencil in my hand that I realised just how much I’ve missed it. I LOVE painting – it is like therapy to me.

    I forgot how good it was for my mental health. It’s one of the only ways where I can completely shut off social media and just focus on being creative, positive and reflect on everything I have going on at the moment. It’s “me-time” 100%, where I only need to think about myself and my next brush straw. One day in a year or two hopefully Fergus and I will also have a little baby that needs lots of time and attention, so I will defiantly enjoy that right now is where I have this time to focus on these things, because one day it’s hobbies like these you might not have much time left for, in your busy everyday schedule.

    Painting is a completely different way for me to be creative compared to my normal work, which is why I find it so fun and challenging. 

    I thought I wanted to write this post, and share with you 5 of my good, easy and helpful painting tips. Let’s me just start out by saying that I am not a professional painter or anything, but these are some tips that have helped me getting better at painting:

    1. One of the hardest things is figuring out what to paint. I adore painting flowers and fruits. I think it’s because my mother and I always spend a lot of quality time together in the garden when I was a child, and when I first started painting I would pick the flowers I loved the most from the garden, and then I would try to paint them.
      – A good place to find inspiration is Pinterest. Then I would search “pink rose water colours”, and then get inspiration that way.
    2. Select your colours before you start to paint. I have figured out that this helps me massively, because then I don’t suddenly add a colour to my painting that I regret and suddenly I don’t like the painting anymore. I therefor always pick the colours in my mind before I start.
    3. Sketch the painting onto the paper with a pencil before adding your water colour. In this way you can change it up if you are not happy with the proportions etc.
    4. Always start out with less strong colours – and then you can add more if you like – but you cannot do it the other way round.
    5. Add the first layer, and then let it dry before start adding shadows etc. Painting with water colour means you got to have patience, because you can’t add layers on top of a wet layer. Then you will instead mix the colours.

    I hope you found these tips useful, and do please share with me some tips too, if you have anything you would like to add.

    Enjoy painting my angels <3 

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    14th april 2020