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    We are moving back to London

    “The best time for new beginnings is now!”

    Guys, we are moving back to London, and no words can express how happy I am!

    Yes it’s right, my man and I are moving back.. Gosh I have been looking forward to sharing these exciting news with you all. Both my handsome man Fergus and I have the past many months every single day been busy searching online for flats. The plan was actually that we wanted to buy (and we still do), but that was too hard for us to do while we were traveling since you got to be there viewing all the places, meeting with the agencies, banks etc. It is so exhausting, so we decided to start with renting for 12 months, while we still search for a place to buy – but at least now it will be way easier for us, and we have in the meantime found a beautiful and lovely base to call our home till we can buy our very own place.

    It is so hard to find an apartments in London both to rent and to buy. They get taken so quickly, so if you are not the first person to view the apartment, the chances of getting it are very very low. 

    From the moment I saw this lovely flat get onto the market I grabbed the phone straight away and called the agency to view the property asap. I was the first person to contact them regarding the flat since they just posted the ad, so I was very lucky. They landlord couldn’t show it straight away, and I wan’t planning on staying in London for more than a couple of days, but I decided to stay so that I could be the first person to view this place. From the moment I saw the photos I could tell I was going to love this place – it is so full of charm and character, and omg I have dreamed of having a place with the old fireplaces. Although they won’t work, they just look so romantic!

    This is it angels!! This will soon be our new home for at least 12 months, and wow I am excited. It’s a gorgeous place with two bedrooms, and I adore the wooden floors. I can just imagine myself decorating this place and cooking yummy recipes in our cosy kitchen. The flat is super bright, which makes such a bit difference, and is one of the reasons why we picked this place. I LOVE natural light, it is a must have for me when looking for a place to rent.

    I’ve already started planning how to decorate the flat, what bed to get, and where to place our furnitures etc. I can not wait to get all my own furnitures out of our storage and into our new home.

    I have felt and will always feel at home whenever I am with Fergus – no matter where we are and will be, but I must admit that having a base will be so healthy for the both of us. We are really looking forward to start having some routines, join some sports clubs, regularly have friends over for dinner and drinks etc. All these things you can not do, when you are constantly one the move. 

    It’s time for us to start a new exciting chapter of our lives with a more stable everyday life, which only will make it easier for me to keep the blog going on a daily basis with lots of cosy blogposts about lifestyle, interior, London tips, recipes and everyday fashion tips and much more. 

    I know that Fergus and I always will always be on the move and always be traveling (that’s just who we are as people), and by having a home won’t change that about us – but when you get older your priorities change, and you learn what is good for you, and I know now that I have been longing for a place to call my home ever since the day I moved out of my old flat in Fulham. 

    I have LOVED our past year full of adventures, travels, making new friends on the road, getting to really connect with my partners family and being “free” to do and stay anywhere we’ve liked, but never really knowing where you’ll sleep next week, what you will need to pack and unpack – is very stressful and not a lifestyle I can relax in. When you always stay at others place, you can never fully relax (or at least that’s just how I feel..)

    11th of September is the day my man and I we will move into our new place in London, and I already can not wait to sit there on that beautiful white wooden floor after a long and tired day or moving all our furnitures and boxes from the North East to London. Light some candles, give my man a big kiss, and sit on our new living room floor with a bottle of wine and a traditional moving in pizza.. Life couldn’t be any better!

    Lots of love your
    Isabella xxx

    30th July 2019