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    Hi my angels! I still have a lot of photo’s from our adventurous trip to Lofoten that I have been so excited to share with you. Every time I think back on our trip I smile! My man sadly had to fly back to North England the same day we flew because of some work, so I haven’t seen him now for more than one week, and gosh It’s almost scary how much I miss him.

    Having a home together is the most wonderful feeling, and without him here to come home to, it’s just not the same. Although I have enjoyed having some me-time. It is very healthy, and we often tend to forget ourselves in our busy everyday to-do lists, where we somehow become the last priority on our own list (time to change that!). 

    I have therefor this week tried to be good at putting myself first. This week I have been super productive, but I did it in a way where I remembered to take care of myself, which only resulted in me being even more motivated and productive. 

    Today I am having to stay in for pretty much the whole day, since I have a big delivery on it’s way from Denmark. My mom shipped it to us week ago, and I have had to change the delivery date wayyyy too many times, so today is the day where I just got to stay in to receive the big parcel. I’m so excited!

    Windy, happy autumn days walking hand in hand with you..

    Autumn is without doubt my favourite season of the year. There is something very beautiful about the changing season. I adore all the warm happy colours, the excitement that Christmas is just round the corner and a new year is about to start. I also always feel that Autumn is a great season to embrace change, and reflect on how far you’ve come, and what you still want to achieve before the end of the year. 

    I love waking up on a cold crisp morning, and heading outdoor wrapped up in layers and comfy clothes, and smell the fresh air. Look at those golden leaves and knowing that when you come home you can cosy up inside with a warm drink. Autumn/Winter is truly the season of  Hygge, and I always embracing that. 

    I actually once filmed this video on how to bring Autumn into your home. I watched it the other day, and I still love it – I hope you do too:

    Norway was truly Autumn heaven – never have I ever seen such stunning landscapes mixed with all my favourites fall tones. It left be speechless numerous of times, and I would go back every season, just for that.. Often doing our road trips we had to stop the car and pull over to the side just to take in all the beauty.

    I also love Denmark at this time of year, and I am actually really sad, that I don’t get to spend time in Denmark doing Autumn this year. BUT one thing that makes it all better is that tonight I actually get to see my best friend from Denmark. She’s coming to visit (sadly only for one night – but still I am over the moon that I get to see her). Louise is in London because of some work, so tomorrow I get to be with her all day till she’s got to fly back to Copenhagen.

    AND guys, I am a happy little nugget lately because my mum is actually coming to London to see Fergus and I on Friday to Tuesday next week. I have been counting down the days for her to come in what feels like a lifetime. I can not wait to spend lots of mum-daughter quality time. I have 2 surprises for my mum till when she gets here. Wuhuu! I guess it’s easy to tell that I am very happy. Haha

    Plus my man is coming back home on Wednesday – so there are lots of things to be excited about <3

    Lots of love
    Your Isabella xxx

    14th oktober 2019