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    What to wear at home doing lockdown

    “Let’s get cosy!”

    Hi my angels! We are all spending a LOT of time at home these days. It can be difficult for many of us – and especially because many of us are not used to being indoor for that many hours a day. I therefor thought it was about time I wrote a blogpost about cosy looks to wear at home doing these lockdown weeks. The quarantine is not looking like it’s going to change anytime soon, which is why it’s important that we do everything we can to stay happy and cosy at home. 

    When I know I need to have a whole day working from home I always do my best to make myself as comfortable as possible. I wrap myself up in blankets, I wear my comfiest loungewear, fluffy slippers is a must.

    I have found some affordable and still good looking loungewear looks on Nelly & Asos that looks super soft, cosy and still stylish. 

    Shop comfortable looks to wear at home:

    These days even a small progress goes a long way. Getting up, clean your sheets, do a quick and easy 20-30 minutes home workout, make your bed. Take a nice long shower and getting dressed into some stylish but cosy loungewear is a must these days. Waking up with a propose, writing yourself a to-do list and every day put your focus into things that makes you feel happy. 

    I have gotten into a new morning routine where I spoil myself and Fergus with an oat latte in bed before getting up to do my workout routine. It’s such a calming way to get up, and having those 15-20 minutes of just him and I to just lay there, chat about everything and nothing and catch up with friends and news have become my all time favourite part of the day.

    Every day I am giving a lot of thought and effort into doing my home workout. Even on days where I REALLY do not feel like it, I tell myself to do at least 20 minutes, and every time I have gotten more energy and ends up working out longer than planned. It’s what keeps me sane these days! How about you angels? What do you girls do for yourself these days to stay sane and happy?

    More comfy & stylish looks to wear at home:

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    23rd March 2020