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    What to wear for fall

    “The secret of great style, is to feel good in what you wear!”

    My dearest followers! Words can not describe how happy I am with with big move. It’s been quite stressful as well as fun – I guess that’s just how it is to move. It’s both draining and fun because you are so excited for your new exciting chapter of you life. 

    Fergus and I adore our new home. It’s been so good for us to finally not live our of suitcases and boxes. I can not get back into a routine, and that means more regular blogposts AND videos. Yay! I have told you for ages that I wanted to get back into filming videos for you guys, but I wasn’t realistic about it. Now with a loving base that I can call my HOME – wooo!!! For me now it’s all about finding myself again as well as my creativity. 

    It’s insane what a difference it’s already done to me. Every morning I wake up and smile because I feel motivated, fresh and happy to think creative again. It’s almost impossible to force yourself to be creative – it sort of just flows when you are in a good place.

    I have therefore been super happy to write this blogpost for you angels, to finally say I AM BACK, and not just back on the blog – but also on my YouTube and with creative photos on my Instagram profile

    Today I want to share with you my latest styling video – which I haven’t shared anywhere else yet but on YouTube, so I really hope you like it <3 I will start posting these styling video’s 2 times per week here on the blog, so check in every Wednesday and Sunday for 5 inspirational looks.

    Let me know what you think about my video angels! I have been dying to share them with you here on the blog. Today I am waiting for quite a lot of parcels for our new apartment, so I was thinking the next post should be a home update maybe?

    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    26th September 2019