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    15 things I am grateful for today

    It’s all in the little things in life!

    Hi my angels! I truly hope you enjoyed yesterday’s spelt bread recipe post. Do please give it a go – and let me know what you think, OR feel free to share some baking recipes with me that you think I should bake! I have become obsessed with that spelt bread that I posted yesterday, and I actually need to bake a new one today – I just hate to run out, haha! 

    Today’s blogpost is going to be really personal, happy and positive one. I have the past couple of days been trying hard to change my mindset. To look for the good in this situation we find ourselves in. It’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself, and I tend to get that overwhelmingly depressing feeling once a day where I miss my “old” life and my family who are all in Denmark. Then I allow myself to feel sad for a couple of minutes – but then I shake if off me immediately after. Feeling bad for yourself is allowed, but I try to change those thoughts into something more happy and productive that I can put my mind into.

    Whenever I get a bit emotional, then I call a close friend of mine. I go outside and sit in the sun. I make myself a good coffee, or I do some indoor yoga / stretching exercises. I have fond that it helps me to get back into an appreciative mood, and I suddenly feel very grateful for all I have. For the wonderful man, his family, for all my great friends and the loving family I have!

    Throughout today I have been thinking of things that I am extremely grateful for, and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe they will make you think of your sitation, and try and change it for the better and get more out of it as well.

    Today I am grateful for:

    1. My body and my mind! I woke up after a good nights sleep feeling fresh and excited for the day. I have missed that mindset and that feeling of motivation, so when I woke up today and felt it again, it immediately put me in a good mood.

    2. When I woke up and looked next to me and I saw my man I felt a very grateful heart. He is my rock. My best friend, and the best partner I could ever dream of!

    3. It is an unbelievable magic day today. The weather is better than it’s ever been. The sun is out – and there is not one single cloud on the sky.

    4. His family have an adorable little bench in the garden where I almost daily sit and reflect on everything. Here I sat today efter my morning exercises and listened to the soft wind and the birds singing.

    5. Every day I think to myself how lucky we are and how grateful both Fergus and I am for being able to get out of our flat in London and to stay here with his lovely family doing this difficult time. Here we have way more freedom than we would have had if we had stayed in the big city. Here we can go for a walk, be in the garden and onto the beach that’s just in front of the house. We are 7 people here, and we are doing so well being around each other. Every day we cook for each other, have drinks and watch moves. It’s the perfect place to do, and I truly enjoy getting to spend all this quality time with them.

    6. I am forever grateful for my wonderful mother. We make sure to call or text each other at least once a day. It’s truly the highlight of my day. She keeps me happy, and gosh I can not wait to see her and the rest of my family again. My mother just send us here in Scotland the sweetest Easter letter with chocolate Easter eggs – such a happy, thoughtful and sweet surprise.

    7. I am grateful for the yummy afternoon coffee I’ve just had with one of the easter chocolates my mother send us. It transported me back home in my mind. A little taste from home is the best thing there is.

    8. Everyday I am also grateful for a full fridge and fresh clean water. We are not struggling to get supplies or food here, which we did in London and I feel for everyone in that sitation.

    9. I am grateful for my new ear pods my man bought me last week. I use them all of the time to listen to my podcasts and when I do my workouts – such a great gift!

    10. I have put a lot of time and effort into getting my hair as healthy as I can. I do my best to not use any styling tools and daily embrace my natural curls. I used a treatment on it yesterday called 5 more inches treatment from Michael van Clarke and gosh I admire that product. It leaves my hair super silky soft and healthy, and today I am grateful for my soft and healthy curly hair.

    11. I am grateful for the man that still delivers all of our parcels and came by yesterday with the parcel from my family.

    12. I am grateful for all the gorgeous coloured fields just outside our bedroom window. It’s my all time favourite view, and every day I have watched it grow from green to yellow.

    13. My family and friends are all healthy, and every day I feel grateful for that. Multiple times a day when you read the news you get so upset reading about how many out there loses people they love.. It’s tragic and I am grateful that it haven’t effected anyone that I love..

    14. It’s all in the small things right? I adore my new nail polish. It’s unicorn seashall coloured and really shiny. It’s a colour that makes me smile every time I look at my nail! That’s the kinda energy we need isn’t it.

    15. I am grateful for all of you angels daily checking in and following my journey both here and on my Instagram and still liking and supporting me and the work I do. Thank you for you! <3

    What are you grateful for today? I hope this post made you realise that there is a lot of things to be happy and grateful about. It’s just all about opening your eyes and seeing it. Let’s all help each other to change out mindset for the more happy and positive! Love you all.

    Big hug your Isabella xxx

    23rd april 2020



    I’m grateful for the simple thing, to own a house, a boyfriend and family who love me!
    Miki x