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    15 ways to make yourself feel better when you are down

    “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them!”

    Hi my angels! I hope you are all well? How are you dealing with it all? I am not going to lie – I find it very difficult lately. The past 3 days have been especially hard. It is such an unusual situation to be in, and I know how fortunate I am to be here in wonderful Scotland with my man and his family, but I do find it hard at times. Constantly staying happy and positive is a challenge when you so terribly miss your family, friends and old routines. I do feel like I have got a great routine going here that keep me happy and motivated, but some days I find it harder than others. Today is a beautiful day here in Scotland. The countryside is looking more gorgeous day by day. All the flowers are blooming and the weather gets warmer and warmer – which defiantly helps on my mood.

    I think what especially effects me is being far away from my family, and not knowing when it will be possible for me to see them again – I do know that, that is what’s the hardest for me, but I am doing my best to stay positive and enjoy the time here. Everything is out of our control, so it deserves peace from our minds too, which is why I am writing today’s blogpost. If you like me find it difficult at times to stay happy and motivated, then come back to this post and remember it is okay to feel the way you do. We all feel it, and we are all in this together. I am here to help and I hope my 15 ideas on what you can do when you feel upset will help you feel better when you have these difficult moments. You can save this blogpost in your notes, and keep going back to it when you feel down to remind yourself that there are so many things we can do for ourself to make ourself feel better when we get sucked into a more “dark” and sad place.

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    Ideas on what to do when you feel drained or down:

    1. Get some fresh air. I know some of you might not be allowed to go outside for walks etc – and gosh I feel for you. I find it hard to be here in Scotland, and I am lucky enough that I can walk to the beach in front of the house. So if you can not go for a daily walk, then place yourself on a chair by an open window and enjoy the fresh air coming in. Sit there with a coffee and a book and take some deep breaths.

    2. Call a friend or a family member. This is my daily go-to! Once a day I call at least one or two of my friends or family. It makes me smile hearing their voice and we get to help each other though this. Even though we are far apart, by speaking to them makes them feel closer!

    3. Treat yourself to something nice, or something you have wanted for a long time. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. For me I would treat myself to a new good book, a pair of workout leggings, a new poster for the flat or even just a big mango that I can enjoy myself with my favourite danish podcast. (Mango is my favourite fruit, so that’s something that I know will always put a smile on my face).

    4. Put on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching. Ok yes, I know how stupid it sounds, and you might feel and look silly while doing it – but who cares? Dance, smile and feel how happy it makes you to not care.

    5. Write lists. This is one of my favourite things to do, and I do it multiple times a day. I fill it with to-do’s and things I want to accomplish throughout the day – even though lots of the points on my list says: read for an hour, walk the dogs, call mum, do nail polish etc. then these are things I know will make me feel better about myself and stay productive. It also helps me to keep focusing on the bright side.

    6. Create a new happy playlist! Singing and listening to music is one thing that instantly can put me in a good mood. If you need a boost today, put on your favorite playlist and lift those spirits. This is one of the most simple pleasures that never gets old!

    7. Giving to others is a great way to feel better yourself too! I have written a lot of letters though lockdown, and knowing I make the once I love smile makes me feel happy.

    8. Start a new series you love – and every time you feel down spoil yourself with a new episode.

    9. Cook your favourite recipe. Yep we all know it – food and sweets makes us happy, so why not spoil yourself to something you love?

    10. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. I feel that dressing up and putting on a bit of makeup every day makes me feel better about myself. Even it it’s just doing my hair and putting on mascara, it makes a big difference to how I feel about myself.

    11. Spa day – facial, hair mask etc. Massage yourself: scalp, feet, face, legs, arms. This always makes me feel great!

    12. Organise your home. Organise your closets and sort our clothes you don’t wear anymore. Doing a clear out or cleaning your home, or just changing your bedsheets always makes me feel better.

    13. Challenge yourself to be creative. paint, write, knitting, or work with clay. Putting your energy into something creative is really healthy for you, and a good way to take your mind off things.

    14. Do a small workout, or put on some good music and do a meditation or good stretch. Moving your body is the quickest way I feel to make myself feel better and happier. The rest of the day I feel more energised and happy.

    15. Bake a cake! Oh yes – this is something I do at least twice a week. I bake a new cake that I have wanted to try out for a while. Being in the kitchen is like meditation for me, and the fact that I afterwards can enjoy a yummy slice of cake is such a treat.

    My angels! I hope you could use my 15 ideas on what to do when you feel down. Do feel free to add extra ideas in the comments below! I hope you are all well and not punishing yourself for feeling down. It’s normal and allowed to have up and downs!

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    6th maj 2020



    It is hard sometimes to do things everyday, I often stay in bed all day but I will apply some of the things you mentioned. Thanks ❤️