A little glimpse into my daily life

    All white edgy summer look

    “A summer I’ll always remember, with people I’ll never forget “

    Lots of you angels always ask me what lipstick I wear, so I thought it was about time I shared it with you all. It’s from Estée Lauder and it’s from their “Pure color Envy Paint on Liquid Lipcolor collection”. I have the super pink colour: Liquid Disire Vinyl

    I use it every single day, and I LOVE the song pink colour (it fades a bit after a while) and it last a very long time, so I only need to apply it a few times a day.

    My dearest followers! Here is my first outfit post from Denmark. I love the danish summer weather, it’s warm but not too hot. Perfect for me after a month in Hawaii. I love being able to wear light long sleeve summer tops and denim again without feeling sweaty. I am also starting to love my short haircut more since it’s easier to style because of the weather. Being back with my own hair products surely help as well. I’ve used lots of hair masks and facial masks – I needed it after months of traveling. I do need so get my roots done soon, since it’s grown out quite a bit.

    My look is all Nastygal, and I love it. It’s very me! Edgy, cool but still comfy and feminine. A perfect outfit for everyday, and I have always been a big fan of all white looks for spring/summer. I have linked to the products I am wearing higher up in this post.

    I am over the moon being home, finally getting lots of work done. Being in the same time-zone as my family and my agents in London makes such a huge difference, and this trip have taught me that I can’t ever live in the US, it’s too far away and the time difference kills me.

    Later today I am going to shoot some summer salat recipes for you angels. I have missed spending time in the kitchen, and it makes me very happy knowing you love my recipes. Way more to come! Wuhuu

    Lots of love your girl
    Isabella xxx

    11th juli 2019