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    Birthday girl

    “Move over coffee! Today is a job for champagne”

    One year older me checking in today! I got to celebrate my 28th birthday here in Vancouver, Canada in these stunning surroundings. My man spoiled me all day, and I got to wake up to little baby Frankie and two of our closest friends. It was a truly unique day in many ways. Getting to be here in Canada in one of the most beautiful spots of the world with the man I love.

    But it was not an easy day for me to be completely honest. It didn’t really have anything to do with the fact that the round 30’s is sneaking up on me (ouch..), but more a combination of missing my family EXTREMELY much and being so far apart from them a special day like this one hurt a lot. It is especially an important day because it is my wonderful twin brothers (or should I say better half’s) birthday, and it killed me that I didn’t get to celebrate it with him and my family.

    The 10 hours time difference only made it harder for me, because when I woke up here in Canada, my brother and family had already been celebrating the day and was all sat at the dinner table when I called them. Seeing them all having an amazing time on FaceTime was the best present I could have hoped for, and I of course got my traditional danish happy birthday song – it made me smile big time, but left me with a whole in my stomach and tears in my eyes when I hung up the phone..

    There is another month and a half before I get to see them, and I am counting down the days till I am back. Until then I will like I do every day enjoy the moment and the beauty of being free to travel and do anything my parter and I dream of.

    The best present of them all is and will always be mum’s birthday and Christmas letter. I have been carrying it for months and been a good daughter to keep it for my 28th. Every day I wanted to open and read it. It made me so emotional, and I have read it more than 4 times since then.. Every time I can not control my tears! haha

    My man also gave me the most STUNNING and precious present.. A pair of gorgeous, gorgeous diamond earrings! Yep.. He spoils me waaaaaaay too much, and I am forever grateful for him and everything he does for me. It is a massive present, and I would never even in my wildest of dreams had dreamed of a big present like this one. For me a little personal letter is more than enough. He surprised me with his present in the airport before we flew to Canada as an early birthday present, so that I got to wear them during our trip, and I was completely  overwhelmed with joy. Last year he gave me my most magnificent present I have ever got in my life – the elegant diamond necklace I am wearing (and wear every single day and night). I will never take these jewelleries off! They are so meaningful to me, and represent what a unique, supportive and loving relationship we have..

    AND have you noticed a change? Yep, I decided to chop off my long hair. It was a big, big decision but I am super happy with the result. Some days I still feel like I have to get used to it, especially since I need to style it a bit more now than before, and it’s a bit harder to wear up in a bun – and when you travel all you want it to out it in a messy bun. BUT I love it and I have got so many wonderful compliments from you guys, which truly makes me feel much better about my spontaneous decision. I do feel a bit more grown up and elegant with this new length. Luckily my man loves it too, haha.

    Lots of love from your girl
    Isabella xxx

    24th maj 2019



    Hvor er din fine skjorte fra? 🙂

    Den er fra Zara, købte den inden vi rejste – den er så smuk!

    De bedste hilsner