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    Celebrating Spring in my new flowery dress

    “Where flowers bloom so does hope!”

    There’s nothing quite like a beautiful warm and sunny spring day! Gosh they make me so happy.. Yesterday was one of those and today looks like it’s going to be the same. The sun is out, and there is not one cloud of the sky. The fields have turned yellow, and it is a gorgeous place to be. Although these spring days does feel a bit different than usual. Or shall I say a lot different.. I have been very emotional lately, and at times I find it quite hard to control those emotions. My man is wonderful, he is luckily here by my side and always ready to talk and go for a walk on the beach when I need it. 

    I thought it would get easier day by day, and that you would get used to this situation, but I just think I miss feeling very productive and progressing with work etc. and now you are kinda being forced to relax and slow down – I am not quite used to that. Haha! I am so lucky and grateful that I can still keep my work going by thinking out of the box and showing and sharing with you angels everything I am up to here in Scotland. Might start sharing some more recipes? What do you think <3

    Look at this view – isn’t it quite magical? We look out on this field from the bedroom, and I admire it so much. I have the past couple of weeks watched it turn from green to yellow, and now it looks more stunning than ever – especially doing sunset. Fergus and I went for a little stroll around the house and decided to take some photos here for you angels to show you my new adorable summer dress that I have been gifted from Needle & Thread. It’s perfect for all the upcoming weddings we have, and I adore the shape, long sleeves, the soft yellow colour and the embroidered details! I have been looking forward to showing it to you – because I know you angels will adore it just as much as I do.

    More gorgeous summer dresses I am crushing on:

    I am sending all of you guys lots of thoughts and visual hugs from here. I hope you are keeping your head up high, and trying to look at the positives coming out of this. The last few weeks have felt like a dream. But not a normal dream with it’s difficult twists and turns and unknown endings, and at times I have wanted to wake up and get my life back to at least have a slight sense of normality, looking out our livingroom window at the buzz of London or preparing for an event with work and partners. But, as with most dreams, there are always those moment that you remember when you wake up, the moments that live with you and make you smile.

    As hard as the last few weeks have been for all of us, I ask you to try and find that moment (or moments) that you are grateful for amongst the madness of the current world, and think that you may never have been giving the opportunity to live that with your partner, friends or family, if we hadn’t been going through hardship. This was my moment. A beautifully warm evening, on a walk outside the house amongst the wildflowers that have just sprung out days ago. For at least 15 minutes here in this field I was able to let myself relax and not think of the world outside the field and the circumstance as to why we are here, but rather the thoughts and memories I can take back to our livingroom in London – my sun filled snapshot of this weird and wonderfully strange dream we are living. And in many ways, I am grateful for this humbling experience!

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    24th april 2020



    Lovely dress! You are looking gorgeous in this flowy dress. I am so inspired and want to try it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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