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    Happy Monday angels! I can’t believe how quick last week passed by, but at the same time I am so happy to have finally entered March. I feel like February was a never ending month with lots of dark, stormy and rainy days. I am looking forward to a bit more sunny and brighter days – because no matter what people say the weather do somehow have an influence on us and our mood. The sun have been out the past 2 days now here in London, including today and gosh I feel much lighter and happier!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a rainfall day where I can snuggle up inside with work, blankets and multiple cups of coffee – but it’s been exhausting because it’s been going on for more than a month, and the craziest wind. It would be nice to get a little break from that!

    Which is why yesterday was such a lovely day. We went for a long walk in Hyde Park with fluffy Crunchy (my friends dog we are babysitting these days) and met up with Fergus brother and his lovely girlfriend.

    Afterwards Fergus watched some football whilst I went for a run in the sunshine, and in the evening a good friend invited me over for dinner and wine. It was such a lovely way to finish off my week. 

    Having a chilled but still productive Sunday, doing things that you love with people you care about always put me in such a good mood, and prepare me the best way possible for the new week ahead. I am today full of drive and motivation for everything coming up this week. I have some important events and meetings that I am really looking forward to attend, and lots of morning barre classed booked – yay! I also kicked started my Monday morning with an early burn barre class. Although I use lots of energy – I feel that after a class and for the rest of the day I gain 1000 times more the energy that I used doing my class.

    Today my close friend Amy is coming home from Amsterdam, so I am going to meet her later to bring back her little adorable dog, who we have had the pleasure of dog sitting since Friday. We have absolutely loved having him here – he have been such a sweet dog. After having him here it’s definitely going to feel a bit more empty. 

    Fergus and I have been talking a lot ourselves about getting a dog – so we asked our landlords last week, and they unfortunately came back with a no.. A bit sad, but maybe at the moment it’s for the better!

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