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    “I want to have a weekend adventure, but I kinda want to have it in my pyjamas!”

    My dearest followers! I hope you are all taking care of yourself and others these days. I know I wrote about my Corona Virus thoughts in my last blogpost HERE, but since it’s taking up all my thoughts and it’s everything that’s on my mind these days, it would be strange if I didn’t write about it, and just presented everything was fine.. Because things are not fine! It is a hard time all of us, and it can be difficult to constantly stay happy and positive when you are non stop being bombarded with sad and depressing news. It’s also hard not staying updated on everything that’s going on. I have tried the last two days to read the news a bit less, to keep myself a bit more mentally healthy – but at the same time and I dying to see what’s happening around the world and what actions the different countries are taking on this. AND finally the UK are taking this a bit more serious!

    My partner and I was lucky to escape out of London a couple of days ago, and are now staying at his parents countryside home in Scotland. We are staying in and not leaving the house, but here we can at least go for a walk in their beautiful garden and the beach is just at the end of the garden, so we can go there whenever we need it, and in the morning to meditate, which is going to be an essential thing for me these days. It’s a lovely house on the countryside, which means that there are no people around which is amazing – it is 100% the best place to be at the moment! My mothers biggest wish was to get us out of London, so we decided to get out when we were still able to. Who knows if anyone are able to leave London the next couple of weeks? Months? Every single day, hour by hour new laws and regulations are being set..

    I don’t see this as a “holiday”. I can’t help but feeling really sad for the world. BUT I am trying to get the most out of the situation although at times I find it super difficult. I feel far far away from my family doing these times, and I find it hard not constantly thinking about them and how they are doing. Luckily we are able to call and text each other, so I am staying in contact with them every day. They are all doing fine and staying careful and healthy. 

    My man Fergus thought it was very important that we stayed together doing this time, because one day when we have our own family, we need to learn how to deal with these things just him and I which is to true and grateful that he things that way. I am therefor really grateful I decided to stay by his side and not travel home to my family – but that was a very though decision, and I miss them very much and the hardest part is the unknown on when I will get to see them again. – I bet a lot of you guys are in the same shoes, so we just got to stay together doing this time.

    Cosy looks to wear at home:

    Having a positive mindset means everything these days, and that is what will keep us going. I am trying to see this as a time where I can focus on myself in a deeper and more meaningful way. Connect with sides of me that I haven’t done for years. I want to read more books, create and write more blogposts for you angels, I want to bake new recipes, get better at staying in contact with my friends, I want to take up painting again and then I want to see if I can do a barre instructor course online.

    I also see this as a time where I can get an even closer bond and connection to my partners family since they are all here as well. I have also talked to my girls that we should do face-time coffee date.

    I’ve made you a little list with ideas on what you can do at home these days. There is so much more to do, and if I was still at home I would do a bit clean of the flat and sort out unnecessary stuff like beauty products, clothes, do a big clean of the kitchen etc.

    Wear comfy clothes and make sure to keep your surroundings clean, that helps your mind massively. Listen to some good podcasts – I can highly recommend: 10 % happier, How I build this, Modern Love, The mindful Kind and How to fail.

    Let’s do our best to connect, and stay strong together these days. Try and motivate each other and be there for the once struggling the most. I love you all! Lots of hugs from your girl.

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    17th marts 2020



    Thank you very much for sharing, in this specific time I’m in lockdown and this list is super helpful !!
    Miki x