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    Easter Holiday walk in Scotland

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    My dearest followers! I hope you’ve had a magical Easter Holiday. We surely have had the best time! My man and I got an exciting job with a hotel in Spain, so we went to Mallorca for 4 days. There we both had time to work but also took time to sleep in, relax, go to the gym and just focus on being together. Before we went away we didn’t see each other for two and a half weeks, so you can imagine how happy I was being back with him again.

    Fergus and I have decided to start an exciting journey together, and I will soon share with you what we are planning to work very intense with the upcoming 3+ months. I am sure you would absolutely love it, and I will look forward to sharing the whole process with you guys. We want to build something together which will allow us a stabel life together going forward.

    Can you imagine the weather in both the UK and in Denmark was better than the weather in Spain? The first day we got to Spain the weather was stunning! We had 25+ degrees, sun and no clouds. The last three days it was cloudy, windy and a even a bit or rain – but that didn’t stop us from having the best time. Sometimes just being away in a new place is all you need to allow your mind, thought and body to relax.

    “She knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person!”

    Scotland for us is our safe place. Here we come to relax, gather our minds and find inner peace. Fergus parents owns a beautiful house here by the beach, and this landscape is what you look out at when you wake up in the morning. The view makes you speechless and I often catch myself starring out at the sea without realising for how long I’ve been standing in the same position.. It’s a wonderful and mindful place to come, and we feel so grateful being able to come both here and back to my parents house in Denmark when we need a little break from our travels. To reload the batteries, catch up with work, see his family and re-pack and plan our upcoming trips. 

    At the moment we are planning our upcoming trip to Canada and Hawaii. What an amazing couple of months we have coming up! Today we are driving from Scotland back to Durham to pack for our trip to Barcelona on Thursday.

    Sending you all my love from stunning Scotland

    Your Isabella xxx


    23rd april 2019