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    Our day trip to Victoria, Vancouver Island

    My dearest followers! This time I am checking in from Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. Fergus and I have had the most wonderful 3 days here. 

    We booked the cutest Airbnb just half an hours drive from central Victoria In a little town called Mill Bay, so that we got to stay close to the nature and it turned out to be the cutest place. Our apartment was in the basement of the most beautiful Canadian style house. (I have linked to it HERE.) Super clean, good size with own kitchen, washing machine etc. and when we got there our host had even filled the fridge with butter, milk, jam and left coffee and fresh bread for us! They also had 2 SUPER adorable dogs there every morning we woke up came to say good morning. They are so well behaved, that they never entered our apartment unless we told them it was okay for them to come inside. Haha

    We have been on the move now for more than 4 months, and I find it harder and harder to be on the move at all times. We are super good at loving and supporting each other. We have the most amazing relationship, and I am forever grateful for him and what we have, and for both of us taking there big risk to travel the wold together. We are truly having the best time of our lives. It feels great being free to do and travel where ever we want, but I think the last couple of days we have gone through a bit of a realisation period where we have discussed what’s our next step. If I need to be brutally honest, which I have always been to you guys, then I must admit that I really do miss having a home to come back to. I love decorating, cooking and building up a loving safe home, and the longer I am on the move the more I miss having a base to come back to.. We have been thinking a lot lately about where we see ourselves. Our biggest dream would be to buy a place together, but we are also about to start a business (more about that in a different post), so right now might not be the best time to buy, and also where would we like to buy a place? Where do we belong is the big question at the moment..

    Lots of thoughts in todays post, but that is how my blog have always been. Full of personal thoughts and life experiences. I am definitely not complaining about our situation. I am so grateful for every single day. I love the chapter we are going through and living at the moment, but at the same time I am super excited for our next chapter with a more stable base, where we still can travel and explore the world whenever we want, but we get to build a home just him and I.

    Back to Victoria.. If you are going to explore Vancouver Island, BC then you must go to Victoria. It might be up there with one of my favourite big cities I have ever visited. It is the most charming place with a small city feel. You can get to Victoria via ferry from Vancouver, but since we came from Tofino we decided to drive there, which wasn’t bad at all – it was one of the most stunning drives of our lives. Vancouver Island landscape is so untouched full of green rainforests. The nature is so raw full of threes and beautiful mountains!

    What to do in Victoria: We spend one full day in Victoria and would have loved to have at last one more day to check our all the great vintage stories, restaurants, parks etc. There is so much to do here. This is what we were up to:

    Inner Harbour: Is one of the most touristic places, but a must see. Even though it is a touristic spot it doesn’t in any way feel packed or crowded. We even went here on Victoria Day which is one of the busiest days of the year. When you visit Inner Harbour you will see the stunning Parliament Building and the Royal British Columbia Museum. Here is lots of restaurants, a charming sea plane airport, small boats and people having a great time playing games or going for picnic in the open space in green space front of the Parliament Building. We were en desperate need for some caffeine to keep us going till we found the perfect lunch spot, so we grabbed an iced coffee from Starbucks by the harbour and walked along the water.


    Fisherman’ Wharf: Must be my favourite place of them all. I have always adored houseboats, and when I lived in London I loved going to Little Venice to look at the charming house boats. At Fisherman’s Wharf you will find the most charming little harbour with small food stands where you can grab some delicious food and drinks whilst you walk round the colourful boats and small shops. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales playing in the open water, there is a chance you might see them! Unfortunately we didn’t this time, but it apparently happens all the time, which I would have loved to experience. 

    In Victoria they offer lots of whale watching tours, you can go kayaking, visit the Butchart Gardens, hike though Goldstream Provincial Park. Save an afternoon for the Cowichan Valley, where dozens of small vineyards offer tours and tastings.

    The fisherman offered freshly caught crab and hummers caught just a few hours earlier round the harbour.

    We were so happy we decided to save ourself for lunch, so that we could eat at Fisherman’s Wharf. There’s some cute places to choose between and you can also find both vegan and vegetarian options. We went for a salmon rise wrap with grilled peppers – it was delicious!

    What a beautiful sunny day exploring Victoria!

    From Fisherman’s Wharf we walked into town which is close and a beautiful walk. In general Victoria is a stunning city, so on a sunny day like this one, it was truly magical just wandering round exploring all the hidden gems. We then stumbled across:

    Market Square: Such a cool, hip and trendy place to go. Here you can find lots of cool fashion shops, boutique stores, interiors, coffee shops a lovely brewery etc. Market Square is home to dozens of shops and restaurants. The historic brick buildings surrounded by an open courtyard are some of Victoria’s oldest landmarks. It somehow reminds me a lot a of Brick Lane/Shoreditch area in London.

    From the charming Market Square we stumbled across many cool vintage shops, grabbed another coffee for the go and decided to visit Victoria’s China town. I read a lot about it online, and it’s apparently the oldest Chine town in whole Canada and the second oldest in North America after San Francisco. It is a cool place to walk through and visit. 

    Their China town has a fascinating past with gambling and opium shops, but it has become an important cultural spot for thousands of immigrants of Victoria, BC. In Chinatown, there are shops and restaurants galore. (And home to one the cities most popular ice cream shops: Kid Sister Ice Cream.When we passed by, there were at least 25 people queueing up). You should also stop by the Gate of Harmonious Interest, in infamous Fan Tan Alley, and the lesser known Dragon Alley.

    Beautiful and historic, Victoria is a fantastic place to visit and is known as the Garden City, it’s in full bloom in spring and summer, and has such a mild winter, you can golf year-round! Fergus and I loved it and were so happy we decided to go here.

    ALSO, we unfortunately didn’t manage to go this time, but have been told not to miss Butchart Gardens. Is is know for it’s unbelievably beautiful 55 acres of year-round, spectacular floral displays and theme gardens!

    Lots of love from your happy little Dane exploring all the hidden gems in Canada.

    Biggest hug
    Isabella xxx

    22nd maj 2019